New Spider-Man Trailer hits the Web


Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man is back with a new trailer that just hit the web! With the co-marvel/sony produced Spidey set to hit cinemas in July, we are thwipping at the bit for more!

From the new trailer, we can see Spider-Man: Homecoming clearly follows on from the events in Captain America: Civil War where we first saw the new Peter Parker in action (and maybe even include some more of that). We are loving the Robert Downey Jr./Iron Man and Spidey banter and hopefully, this movie will be a big enough of a success to keep Sony as a partner with Marvel (and not spin off on their own like we have seen with the Venom announcement).

We’re pretty damn excited for this one, but what do you think Spider-Fans. Can this incarnation of the webhead do everything a Spider can? Who is your favourite wallcrawler? Tell us in the comments below!

Spider-Man: Homecoming gets its Australian release 6th July