Movie Review – Wilson


Have you ever wanted to live your life in saying whatever you felt like without worrying about what other people will think? Like an Id without an Ego or Superego attached and to see what happens? The new movie Wilson is pretty close.

Wilson is, of course, the main character played by Woody Harrelson. Image a character with no filter or boundaries in terms of social norms or personal bounds, one that would ask to sit at the same table as the only person in a coffee shop or use the urinal right next to someone else instead of observing the at least one spacing rules. That’s Wilson.

Wilson is based on the original comic by writer, and screenplay writer for the movie, Daniel Clowes. This isn’t a superhero comic or even something a bit more newspaper-friendly like peanuts. Wilson is more of the independent comic title of a slightly neurotic guy who just lost his father. What follows is hard to explain but if you like movies like Juno, The Skeleton Twins or Eagle vs Shark this might be a nice fit for you. f you are a Ghost World diehard then you definitely will add this to your list.

BUT, If you are a Ghost World diehard then you definitely will add this to your list. What’s Ghost World you ask?

Around 2001 there was a little indie film made called Ghost World. It was based on a comic strip that was first published as part of a comic called Eightball that contained multiple indie type comic stories published by Fantagraphics Books who have a rep for publishing Alternative Comics (aka non-superhero mature). If you are a fan of a little-known actor named Scarlette Johansson you might be familiar with Ghost World. The reason for mentioning it is both Ghost World and Wilson have the same creator, Daniel Clowes.

Back to Wilson, much like Steve Buscemi in Ghost World after watching Wilson you will have a hard time picturing anyone else but Woody Harrelson taking on the role. In places, it’s easy to think that Harrelson is playing Tallahassee from Zombieland just in another timeline where the Zombie Apocalypse didn’t happen and he just got older, crankier and had a much more depressing life.

That isn’t meant to deter you at all but there is something about the character that Harrelson plays here that just makes you think no one else could do the role. Firmly in the comedy space with his comedic timing and flawless delivery of some pretty outrageous things said to other characters.

If you are a fan of alternate comics or independent movies like the ones we mentioned above you should definitely check this movie out. If not and you check this out anyway and enjoy it maybe think about checking out more alternate comics in your next comic pull list, or even look into local publishing events (like Zine/Comic publishers) that happen around the country. You may have just found your next passion.

Wilson is released in selected cinemas Australia wide from tomorrow, the 25th of May.