Comic Pull List – April 13


Welcome to the weekly Comics pull list, where we let you know what comics are coming out this week and recommend some extras that might be worth your coin.

Whether you buy to support your Local Comic Shop or online via Comixology these are the titles you can expect to see in stores this week.

And if you are in Brisbane or Melbourne don’t forget to checkout and support The Future Fan Project. It runs until Free Comic Book Day supporting the Pyjama Foundation literacy programmes for underprivileged kids.

Spider-Man 2099 #22

In 1992 Peter David and Rick Leonardi created a futuristic version of Spider-Man in the year 2099.

The original series ended with the 2099 Universe long ago but Peter David has returned to put out this excellent continuation with a time lost Miguel O’Hara (Spider-Man 2099).

If you are in the mood to hunt down some back issues of 2099 we cant go past also recommending Doom 2099.

Action Comics #977

Superman is often been thought of as a fairly bland character with the New 52 Action Comics update by Grant Morrison bringing in new readers but annoying long time ones through wiping out large part of Superman’s history.

With Rebirth the New 52 Superman is gone and Dan Jurgens’ has returned to pen Superman with a slightly restored history.

With less than 25 issues left until Action Comics hits #1000 and Dan Jurgens’ history with the character, we are watching this one closely.

Batman Legacy TPB

Before New 52, before Flashpoint Batman once faced an enemy he couldn’t fight with a biological weapon ravaging Gotham in a story line across all Bat-titles called Contagion.

Legacy follows that story line starting in Detective Comics #700 with the origin of the virus being revealed and Batman working to stop it on a world wide scale.

Bonus Round – The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #19

We are mostly throwing this in due to the announcement last week that Squirrel Girl is coming to Marvel TV on the same network producing Cloak & Dagger (sorry no AU dates for either). But if you haven’t read Squirrel Girl Ryan North is doing a great job.

This series has continued pre/post secret wars and been pretty solid throughout being mostly unaffected except for one major point – pre Secret Wars she was a Mutant and post she wasn’t which opened the door for her to be not counted as part of the Fox X-Men franchise. Marvel playing the long game.

Until Gwenpool you would be forgiven for thinking Marvel aiming for Squirrel Girl to be their Harley Quinn (Squirrel vs Beaver sidekicks) but she is definitely no Harley Quinn, and everyone knows Deadpool is Marvel’s Harley Quinn. Also there aren’t many Superheroes who are also computer science students.

Full List (via Comixology)

2000 AD
Judge Dredd Cape & Cowl Crimes TPB

Aspen Comics
Fathom Vol. 5 #3
Fathom Kiani Vol. 2: Blade of Fury TPB

BOOM! Studios
Godshaper #1
Grass Kings #2
Jonesy #12
Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern #3
SLAM! #5
Steven Universe (2017-) #3
Welcome Back Vol. 2 TPB

Dark Horse
Harrow County #22
Hellboy and B.P.R.D. 1954 Ghost Moon #2
Neil Gaiman’s American Gods: The Shadows #2
The Once and Future Queen #2
Aliens: Life and Death TPB

Action Comics #977
Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #9
Detective Comics #954
Flash #20
Gotham Academy Second Semester #8
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #18
Justice League (2011- ) of America #4
New Super Man #10
Red Hood and the Outlaws #9
Scooby Apocalypse #12
Suicide Squad #15
Supergirl #8
Titans #10
Wonder Woman #20
Aquaman Vol. 2: Black Manta Rising (rebirth) TPB
Batman Vol. 2: I Am Suicide (rebirth) TPB
Batman ’66 Meets the Man From UNCLE (2015-2016) TPB
Batman Legacy Vol. 1 TPB
Legionnaires Book 1 TPB
Scooby Doo Team Up Vol. 3 TPB
Suicide Squad Most Wanted Boomerang Croc Waller TPB
Vigilante By Marv Wolfman Vol. 1 TPB

Charmed #2
Greatest Adventure #1
John Carter: The End #3
Nancy Drew And The Hardy Boys: The Big Lie #2
Vampirella (2017) #2
Z Nation #1
Lone Ranger/Green Hornet TPB

Duck Avenger #4
G.I. Joe (2016-) #4
Gumballs #2
Jem and the Holograms (2015-) #26
M.A.S.K.: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand #6
Micronauts (2016-) #11
My Little Pony Legends of Magic #1
Popeye Classics #57
Ragnarok #12
ROM #9
Star Trek New Visions the Traveler
American Barbarian Complete Series TPB
Jem and the Holograms (2015-) Vol. 4: Enter the Stingers TPB
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Animated 2003 Vol. 16: Chasing Phantoms TPB

Copperhead #12
Drifter #18
Motor Crush #5
Rat Queens (2017-) #2
Rockstars #5
Rose #1
Seven To Eternity #5
Spawn #274
Think Tank #2
Throwaways #7 (MR)
The Wicked + The Divine #28
Elephantmen 2260 Book 5: Up Close & Personal TPB
Fix Vol. 2 TPB
Savage Dragon Vol. 8 TPB

Amazing Spider-Man (2015-) #26
Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows (2016-) #6
Black Panther Crew #1
Captain America: Sam Wilson (2015-) #21
Deadpool & The Mercs For Money (2016-) #10
Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme (2016-) #7
Ghost Rider (2016-) #6
Guardians of the Galaxy (2015-) #19
Gwenpool, The Unbelievable (2016-) #14
Kingpin (2017-) #3
Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy (2015-) #18
Mosaic (2016-) #7
Old Man Logan (2016-) #21
Power Man and Iron Fist (2016-) #15
Silver Surfer (2016-) #12
Spider-Man 2099 (2015-) #22
Star Wars: Doctor Aphra (2016-) #6
True Believers Cable and New Mutants #1
True Believers New Mutants #1
True Believers X-Force #1
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015-) #19
The Unstoppable Wasp (2017-) #4
Weapon X #1
X-Men Blue #1
Avengers Complete Celestial Madonna Saga TPB
Black Panther (2016-) Book 3: Nation Under Our Feet TPB
Captain America: Steve Rogers (2016-) Vol. 2: Trial of Maria Hill TPB
Guardians of the Galaxy Classic Vol. 3: In Year 3000 TPB
Runaways Vol. 3: Good Die Young TP New Ptg TPB

Aftershock Comics
American Monster #6
Animosity #7

Betty & Veronica (2016-) #3
The Black Hood: Season 2 #4
Jughead and Archie Comics Double Digest #26
Riverdale Digest #1
Sonic Universe #97

Graphic India
Grant Morrison’s Avatarex: Destroyer of Darkness #4

Hunters of Salamanstra #4

Kong Skull Island Off Comic Series #1

Doctor Who 11th Year Three #5
Assassins Creed Locus TPB

Immortal Brothers Green Knight #1

Vault Comics
Powerless #2

Cinderella: Serial Killer Princess #4
Grimm Tales of Terror Vol. 3 #4

Joe Books
Disney Darkwing Duck Comics Coll Vol. 2 TPB
Disney Princess Comics Coll Vol. 2 TPB

Redline #2
Spongebob Comics #67
Starcraft Frontline Vol. 1 TPB
Starcraft Frontline Vol. 2 TPB