What’s On: Apr 12 – Apr 16


It’s a long weekend across Australia this weekend! If you like Easter Eggs or heading to the Royal Easter Show in Sydney then you probably already have plans, but if not can we interest you in a lot of stuff to do?


First up in Melbourne, part time Whovian Rob Llyod hits the Melbourne Comedy Festival for this week only with a Jules Verne Journey to the Centre of the Earth themed show. Shh Rob, you had us at Jules Verne.

Also in Melbourne and carrying on the Seinfeld Trivia Night mantle, George’s Bar is also ensuring that all those Channel 10 repeats you watched don’t go to waste.

If you are in Canberra the Reload Bar are having an Adult Card Games night for anyone who is the right amount of broken inside to dominate in Cards Against Humanity

And something a little different, The Greens Candidate for Central Brisbane is holding a Hunger Games Trivia night with a cash bar and cosplay encouraged. If you know your Katniss from your Abernathy this might your thing.

In Sydney, Pop-Up Cinemas are hosting the perfect pre-long weekend movie with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at UNSW. If that doesn’t get you hyped for a 4 day weekend, nothing will.

Also closing in Sydney after a 2-night stand by Stan, the Los Pollos Hermanos Pop-up Chicken Restaurant. Just the thing to remind you that Better Call Saul started on Stan yesterday


Across the country Fate of the Furious (Fast and the Furious 8) hits cinemas nationwide for anyone who is suffering from ‘The Rock’ withdrawals. Also in limited cinemas, the awesome looking Anna Hathaway as a Kaiju, Colossal is out which we will have a review of later this week!

If you are in Perth and love a little Sci-Fi/Fantasy in your literary tastes SwanCon kicks off on Thursday and runs until the Monday for the long easter weekend.

Staying in Perth if you are near the Pirate Bar Thursday night is ‘Game on Thursdays‘ with a collection of 8-bit themed video games and beer you may need to collect an extra life before attending.

Also at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, and from our creator spotlight interview yesterday, The Game Boys are continuing their absurdly long titled show ‘Clash Battle Warlords Age of Candy Robots Royal Strike Kingdom Mobile Legends Saga’. Also if you missed it we are running a competition to win a double pass to get along to their show.

After getting rained out last week Part Time Hero Props are holding a Lightsabre party for hitting midway on their Kickstarter at Netherworld in Brisbane. Even if you aren’t in Brisbane you can still win one of the sabres via our competition page.


Starting off your long weekend in Melbourne OzBunnyCon is 4 days of board games aimed for all ages. It runs from Friday to Monday.

If you prefer to start your weekend with a taste of GrogTM then from Friday until Monday the Tide Wine Bar in Brisbane is the docking point for Notorious the Pirate Ship. If you don’t go dressed like a pirate then you aren’t really trying.

If you missed out on the Monty Python Double Feature the other week in Brisbane the Limelight Cinema in Ipswich is playing Life of Brian for your Good Friday. With one showing only and prizes to be won for cosplay, this might be your last chance to see it in cinemas for a while.

In the House continues its season at most Event Cinemas around the country with Steven Spielberg’s E.T. You can still pick up tickets but it’s up to you if you want to rock up to the session on your BMX.

If you plan to hide out the weekend in your awesome pillow fort then the new Mystery Science Theatre 3000 kicks off on Netflix. (Side note – for anyone who does build an awesome pillow fort send us some pics).

Lastly on Friday, while not in Australia we want to give a shoutout that Star Wars Celebration starts on “Thursday” in the US which means we are probably going to get a whole lot of Star Wars related streams and news across the weekend.


In Brisbane for those with nerves of Steel Netherworld is hosting an 18-hour long Pinball Marathon competition. During the tournament Netherworld is closed, so if you want in you need to buy a ticket.

Also in Brisbane but aimed for a little bit younger XenGamez is hosting a Pokemon tournament as a follow on to their casual Wednesday this week for School Holidays. Any aspiring Pokemon trainers know you have to work your way up the ladder so this is a great place to start.

A bit further South on the Gold Coast for cosplayers or anyone who wants to go full zombie in preparation for the Night Quarter’s Zombie Walk next week can pick up a ticket to the 2-hour Zombie FX workshop (the cost even includes some supplies).

If you are near Tallarook in Victoria (or don’t mind a little drive) and thirst for cardboard warfare then Boxwars is holding a Ned Kelly themed event as part of the Boogie Festival.

Meanwhile, over in Perth, you can also get along to Quarterly Nexus Toy Fair. This event happens a few times a year and is the best place for any collector looking to fill holes in their collection.

In Wollongong, if Yo Mama is anything then you might want to check the Yo Mama Comedy Heats on Saturday as they head towards their Grand Final.

If you love e-Sports and are a master at Rocket League, then round 29 of the Oceanic Rocket League Cup is being hosted by ESL Australia on Saturday for your 3 player team.

And lastly, on Saturday anyone who wants to get into Magic the Gathering will want to know about the Magic Open House which is happening worldwide. In participating stores, you will be able to learn to play as well as get a free starter pack. Check for your nearest store via their page but it looks like there isn’t a state that misses out.


If you are in Canberra and don’t want to watch the League of Legends Oceanic Pro League finals by yourself you can get to the Reload Bar finals party in Canberra.

Still in E-Sports but in Sydney, if you are a lover of DOTA2 then you might want to catch the Inter-University DOTA2 league match at UNSW. The whole day even can be caught both in person and streamed on Twitch.

Whovians everywhere already know that Doctor Who Season 10 kicks off both in cinemas across the country as well as on ABC/iView for the first episode. Australia is also getting a post Doctor Who wrap-up show with Whovians on ABC2 (if you are in Sydney you could be part of the studio audience too).

Heading out or catching up? Did we miss anything? As always tell us in the comments below or maybe drop us a line