Last Call for GX Australia


Sad news broke today via GX Australia’s official Kickstarter page updates that this year’s GX Australia next month in Sydney will be the last.

For those who don’t want to read the official statement the reasons behind ending GX Australia in it’s current form is a financial one. While GX Australia has largely been supported by it’s fans via Kickstarter, the cost and strain of chasing bigger sponsors to ensure the event happens each year make it not viable ongoing.

Often thought of as Australia’s most inclusive convention and promoted as a LGBQTI friendly event – GX Australia ran it’s first event in February 2016 with the 2017 event to be the second. The event this year is scheduled opposite Supanova Melbourne, which does make it hard for retailers to support a newer convention.

GX Australia organisers have promised that this is only the last event in this form with promises to come back in the future with a reworked format. Fans who want to support this event and what it stands for can still buy tickets for the April 29-30 convention via Eventbrite if they had not supported the Kickstarter campaign previously.

UPDATED: GX Australia have run up a 15 day Kickstarter as a way to still get the premium benefits tickets