What’s On: Feb 17 – Feb 19


February is usually a quiet month but not this weekend with a bit on around the country so hold onto your butts for your weekend plans!

If you need some Sci-Fi Double Feature with a dash of Jeff Goldblum, In The House – Cult Film Classics at Event Cinemas are playing The Fly + Gattaca at Event Cinemas around the country

Alternatively If you are one with the force and the force is one with you The Empire Coffee Co is hosting a Star Wars Trivia night in Newcastle

To keep things Star Wars’y in Brisbane Redback Garrison – 501st Legion are playing Cricket and raising money for the McGrath Foundation

If you are around Melbourne and need a reason for your Legion Cosplay or need to fill the holes in your comic collection get along to ComiXpo – Comic Expo Australia‘s ComiXpo 3.0 in Chadstone

If you want some chill board gaming in Canberra then maybe get to Reload Bar & Games for a possibly not so relaxing Sunday afternoon (remember don’t hate the players, hate the game… unless they mortgage everything straight away to put all hotels straight away on Mayfair & Park Lane because that is a dick move Todd!)

If you are in Brisbane (again) you can show your skills for a fist full of tokens at the Netherworld the Donkey Kong speed challenge Sunday Afternoon before you support your local Indie Comic Book and Damn the Man, Save Junky Comics Sunday night!

How did we do? Did we miss anything? As always tell us in the comments down below & if you have any events you think we might not know about feel free to drop us a line. Either via social media or maybe an email to [email protected]