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It is hard to believe it has been nearly a decade since Fury Road returned a new Mad Max to cinemas with Tom Hardy. While the film itself took Mad Max from cult hit to an iconic worldwide hit it was not Max but the one armed convoy driver Imperator Furiosa who stole the film. Now the standalone film is here with a different actor strapping on the heavy metal arm, so should you head back into the wastelands again?

If you are not familiar with the Mad Max films you probably already are as it defined a apocalypse scenario of the world to a level that many other films, games and shows right down to Rick and Morty episodes have done their own versions. Mad Max is set against the world being a wasteland in a post nuclear war, the world is barren and somewhat radioactive with petrol being a scarce and sought after resource. Roaming gangs and warlords whose costumes are more than a little BDSM kill and maim (and eat) their enemies as everyone is just trying to survive.

If you have not seen all the Mad Max films you do not need to invest a heavy amount of time before you see Furiousa, while it is a prequel to the most recent film Fury Road the Mad Max films are a little more like James Bond in terms of continuity allowing you to pickup and watch them individually. The only thing really to know is that the size, scope and quality of the films have evolved as George Miller has as a film maker across the 45 years since the first Mad Max gave the driver an origin.

Furiosa is the prequel to Fury Road and while you can watch these in either order the new film is definitely the first part with Fury Road being the final chapter for Furiosa as she attempts to return to the Green Place that she was taken from as a child. Set against the same wilderness Furiosa tells the story a little different to the previous Mad Max films with it spanning multiple chapters and effectively the lifetime of Furiosa as she grows into the driver we see in Fury Road and the aging of her nemesis an evil Thor aging across the film.

As a film Furiosa gives us a lot more detail about the region of the Wasteland that Max wandered into in the last film. While Fury Road was more of a getaway it did make references to the Warlords of the Wastelands across the Citadel (where Furiosa was running from), Bullet Town and Gas Town as Fortresses of the Wasteland – this film does more than just reference them with Furiosa actually going to to these places that we heard reference to, even starting the film in the Green Place.

While the amount of action and detail in this film does dial it up from the last there this is definitely the most amount of CGI we have seen in a Mad Max film to date. There are some reasons for this such as Fury Road being shot not outside of Broken Hill as all the previous films had been but rather shot in Namibia. The reason for this being an unseasonable amount of rain prior to shooting turned the red desert green making it unsuitable as a backdrop for the Wasteland. So in returning to the same region in the film but not the same shooting locations did mean there was a level of necessity in recreating some locations digitally.

So, should you go see it? If you enjoyed Fury Road then in short yes. While there is definitely some differences in texture this is the other half of the story set out in Fury Road. While more a collection of chapters of Furiosa’s life in the wasteland leading up to it there is no doubt that this is essential viewing for any re-watches of Fury Road. Just remember, head east as far as you can go and then take the bikes across the salt land flats until they run out to get to the green place.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is in cinemas from Thursday May 23 across Australia.

Andrew B

Current Resident of Reality C-137. Possible Robot from Westworld. Does lots of random stuff.

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Andrew B
Current Resident of Reality C-137. Possible Robot from Westworld. Does lots of random stuff.
movie-review-furiosa-a-mad-max-sagaFuriosa: A Mad Max Story shows that there are more stories to tell in the wasteland than just Max Rockatansky. Not quite a final film but more the first part to Fury Road George Miller has joked that he came out of retirement for this 5th film so we will just have to see if there is more to come from this world or if this is just tying up some loose ends. But just know there is some talk of a Mad Max: Wastelands film already being written. P.S. There are some reminders of where the story goes next in Fury Road and a 3 second bit of footage right at the end, but it is ok if you need to run to the bathroom.