This Week in Games: May 27 – June 1


This week’s game releases are a wild ride: an adrenaline-pumping F1, a superhero strategy showdown, an epic hack-and-slash adventure, a quirky space quest, and the full-on chaos of non-Disney or Nintendo licensed IP characters making it to an official release? But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

New year means new EA sports titles and F1 is hitting 2024 pretty hard with VR support on the Steam edition right up front (sorry no PSVR2 though it seems). Releasing first for PlayStation on Wednesday but on Xbox and for PC via Steam & the Epic Store on Saturday this is the official 2024 FIA Formula One title.

Want some X-Com style turn based game play with your Superhero genre? On Thursday Capes comes to pretty much every platform you can think of (seriously, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Epic Store, Steam, all of them on the same day). The city has fallen with Supervillains winning the day 20 years ago but you are putting together a new Super team to clean up the city.

Coming Friday is a top 3rd person hack and slash/puzzler/adventurer in the form of Astor: Blade of the Monolith. Dropping for PlayStation, Xbox and via the Epic Games Store and Steam for PC all on the same day this is your standard young warrior saves the planet from impending doom type deal, but we are liking the visuals and feel like this one might be deceptively big like a Ratchet and Clank game.

And lastly for Friday if you are looking for something a bit more out there a bit more weird then can we interest you in Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip coming to Steam. You control Terry as he explores his world to further his goal of launching himself into space. Not sure how exactly that is going to happen and from the game play we can see this one looks a bit weird. But we are into it.

Honourable Mention: And an honourable mention in last place this week is for Monday where MultiVerses gets a full release for PlayStation and via the Epic Games Store for PC. This WB licensed version of Smash Bros has indeed been out in beta before now but now it looks like the training wheels are off.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Cat Warrior (Nintendo Switch)
Grapple Flow VR (Steam VR)
MultiVersus (Epic Games Store)
Frog ‘n’ Roll (Steam)
Hexxaris (Steam)
Dethroned (Steam)
Deep Dark Wrath (Steam)
Dungeon Gunner (Steam)
Bio Prototype 2: Prologue (Steam)
Manludo (Steam)
Glitch Daddy (Steam)
JustAxe (Steam)
Limits of intelligence (Steam)
Greed (Steam)
Rack and Slay (Steam)
Stellar Initiative (Steam)

Sushi Ben (PSVR2)
TEVI (PlayStation)
MultiVersus (PlayStation, Epic Games Store)
Construction Simulator 4 (Nintendo Switch)
Cupid Parasite: Sweet and Spicy Darling (Nintendo Switch)
Adventure Horror Bundle (Nintendo Switch)
Corpse Keeper (Epic Games Store)
The Multiverse Cleaner (Steam)
Undying Symphony (Steam)
Ultimate Godspeed (Steam)
Poseidon (Steam)
Morphscape: The Stylized Prop Pursuit (Steam)
The Rogue Prince of Persia (Steam)
Color Splash: Fairies (Steam)
Drone Adventure (Steam)
Perfect Dice (Steam)
The Rainman (Steam)
Echoes of Egypt (Steam)
Medieval Crafter: Blacksmith Prologue (Steam)
Wraithbinder (Steam)
DeepWeb Simulator: Prologue (Steam)
Dead Room (Steam)
InstaTok Tycoon (Steam)
Three Goblin Wobblin’ (Steam)
Dungeons of Blood and Dream (Steam)
The Artifact of Ancients (Steam)
Our War: The Strongest Shield (Steam)
Truck Job (Steam)
Master Level Maker (Steam)
The Echoes of Mars (Steam)
Elegy of Fate (Steam)
Pudding Juice (Steam)

The Exorcist: Legion VR (Deluxe Edition) (PSVR2)
Terminal 81 (PlayStation)
Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game (PlayStation)
F1® 24 Standard Edition (PlayStation)
Echoes (Nintendo Switch)
Unlock The King (Epic Games Store)
Reus 2 (Steam)
Gooba Ball (Steam)
Brain Tester: Mind trick quiz 2 (Steam)
Guard the Tower! (Steam)
Touch Maze (Steam)
Cowboy 3030 (Steam)
Candy Renovation (Steam)
TH3-M15 GUILD (Steam)
Nine Sols (Steam)
Flying Frogs (Steam)
Unfinished (Steam)
Lesson Learned (Steam)
Legends Of The Eternal Flame (Steam)
Switch Range (Steam)
Quackdzilla: Pool Cleaning Simulator (Steam)

Capes (Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation, Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, Steam)
Lesson Learned (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Steam)
Terminal 81 (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PlayStation)
Umbraclaw (PlayStation, Steam)
SOKOCAT – DUNGEON (Epic Games Store)
Xuan Yuan Sword 7 (Nintendo Switch)
Master Key (Nintendo Switch)
PICROSS S NAMCO LEGENDARY edition (Nintendo Switch)
vridniX (Nintendo Switch)
Seed of Life (Nintendo Switch)
Jelly Battle (Nintendo Switch)
Stick to the Plan (Nintendo Switch)
Spellbearers (Nintendo Switch)
Cook ‘Til Escape~Nyanzou&Kumakichi: Escape Game~ (Nintendo Switch)
Goliath Depot (Nintendo Switch)
Ginger – The Tooth Fairy (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation)
Burst Hero (Nintendo Switch)
A Cat & His Boy (Nintendo Switch, Steam)
Medieval Lords (Nintendo Switch)
Quest Master (Steam)
Romanticized Dreams of a Post-Apocalyptic Cowpoke (Steam)
Hive Jump 2: Survivors (Steam)
Trash of the Titans (Steam)
Victorious (Steam)
Scrabbleman (Steam)
One Way Road: Firehunt (Steam)
Oasis Mission: Sci-Fi Economic Colony Sim (Steam)
The Orange (Steam)
Shoulders of Giants: Prologue (Steam)
Meta Match (Steam)
Frontier Mayhem (Steam)
Debug Girl (Steam)
Body of Mine (Steam VR)
返杀 Back Fire (Steam)
Creepy Tale: Some Other Place (Steam)
The Young Captain (Steam)
Cyber commander: Zombie Revenge (Steam)
Disaster Slayer (Steam)
The Last Warmage (Steam)
Necromancia (Steam)
The Black Within (Steam)
Mr Mitty and the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee (Steam)
Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator (Steam)
Baisu (Steam)
Cellular Survival (Steam)

Astor: Blade of the Monolith (Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation, Epic Games Store, Steam)
Humanity (Xbox Series X|S)
Phantom Fury (Xbox Series X|S)
Project 13 (PlayStation, Xbox Series X|S)
Ginger – The Tooth Fairy (PlayStation, Nintendo Switch)
Reliefs The Time of the Lemures (Epic Games Store)
SKELER BOY (Nintendo Switch, Steam)
Terror Mansion (Nintendo Switch)
Nine Nights – Martial Ci Lang Story (Nintendo Switch)
O-VOID: Console Edition (Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S)
Ruler Battle Online (Nintendo Switch)
Mezmeratu (Nintendo Switch)
Nightfall Wardens (Steam)
Madzik – Episode 1 (Steam)
Arcus Chroma: Classic (Steam)
Heralds of the Avirentes – Ch. 1 Wings of Change (Steam)
Vox Populi: Europa 2024 (Steam)
Vendir: Plague of Lies (Steam)
Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip (Steam)
From Them (Steam)
Impact Trial: First Encounter (Steam)
Four Second Forever (Steam)
Fallopian Frenzy! Come Again? (Steam)
Hood Story: Kaito Yamazaki (Steam)
Scholar’s Mate (Steam)
SKALD: Against the Black Priory (Steam)
Hellcome (Steam)
Ghostbane: Prologue (Steam)
A Cat & His Boy (Steam, Nintendo Switch)
Agents of SomeCompany (Steam)
Grocery Store Simulator (Steam)
Thunder Age (Steam)
The Littlest Fry (Steam)
The Ethernal Spiral (Steam)
Breaking Time (Steam)
KEABE; Kill ’Em All – Bunny Edition (Steam)
Enough Plumbers (Steam)
Overbowed (Steam)
Epic Quest (Steam)
The Mouse The Merrier (Steam)
Tabletop Hero (Steam)
Unknown Rules (Steam)
Light Reforged (Steam)
Second Wave (Steam)
Blood Within (Steam)
Ad Agency Simulator: Prologue (Steam)
Drone Break (Steam)
Bitter Heaven (Steam)
Soulmask (Steam)
The Untouchable Man (Steam)
Land of Zombies (Steam)
ZigZag Drifter (Steam)
Town Police Simulator (Steam)
Lots of Things 2 – Travel and Search CE (Steam)
Item Tower (Steam)
Sayo (Steam)
Anomalous Deception (Steam)
Lizard Slayer (Steam)
Dino (Steam)
I commissioned some bunnies 7 (Steam)

F1 24 Standard Edition (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Epic Games Store, Steam VR)
HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S)
New Lands (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC)
O-VOID: Console Edition (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch)
Pool Party (Xbox Series X|S)
Project 13 (Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation)
SKELER BOY (Xbox Series X|S, Steam, Nintendo Switch)
To The Sky (Xbox Series X|S)
Sticky Hands (Nintendo Switch)
The Cat (Nintendo Switch)
Call of FireWork (Steam)
Mutant Football League 2 (Steam)
Selaco (Steam)
Super Onion Boy+ (Steam)
It Sleeps Below the Haar (Steam)
Vojna (Steam)
Nightmare Kart (Steam)
Object Ward (Steam)
Learn to Dodge (Steam)
Unearthing Invasions (Steam)
Red Rust (Steam)
War Of The Titans (Steam)
The Gap (Steam)
Cozy Campzone (Steam)
Atomic Wilds (Steam)
Smile, you’re being filmed (Steam)
You Go Boom (Steam)
Undead City (Steam)
Mister Furry: Hot Muscles (Steam)
Sky Conquest (Steam)
Vnesis (Steam)
Whispers in the Moss (Steam)
The Aching Aversion (Steam)
Beer Simulator (Steam)
no sleep for sole (Steam)
Lake Minnewaska (Steam)
Jesus Christ Simulator (Steam)
Puzzle Garden (Steam)
PsychShift (Steam)

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