SDCC 2022 – Day Two Wrap-up


It’s Day Two of SDCC with the first day gone we are officially at the halfway mark. You can catch our Day One wrap-up for anything you missed so far. There is a lot to cover with the major panels still to come, so let’s just jump into it.


  • BRZRKR the Keanu Reeves immortal warrior BOOM! Studios comic series is confirmed for a film and 2 season animated series currently in the works for Netflix
  • Just announced Avatar: Braving the Elements will be a full length animated movie from the Last Airbender studio focusing on the adult Avatar Aang and his friends
  • John Wick 4 got a teaser and a poster with Keanu Reeves vs Donnie Yen


  • I Am Groot Disney+ series confirms an August 10th release date for 5 shorts and offers a first look trailer the Marvel Studios animation panel panel also confirmed Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper voicings Groot and Rocket
  • Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwah is definitely a thing that is going to happen as an animated series
  • Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power gets another trailer but a SDCC one this time
  • The Walking Dead is confirmed to coming to an end in 2023
  • Tales of the Walking Dead a TWD spin-off anthology series with six 1 hour episodes showed a SDCC trailer
  • Danny Devito and Aubrey Plaza are in a new animated series called Little Demon where the Devil (Devito) had a daughter who has been on the run with her mother (Plaza) for the last 13 years
  • Marvel Studios first ever animation panel covered Spider-Man: Freshman Year animated series (that was announced as already) getting a season season, the first series will be appearing on Disney+ in 2024 (and Charlie Cox will be voicing Daredevil)
  • What If Season 2 got a preview with Season 3 confirmed and season two now streaming in early 2023
  • X-Men ’97  the animated series will be streaming in 2023. Exclusive looks at the revamped character designs were shown at the panel. Secondary characters shown to be reappearing in some capacity include: Magneto, Mr Sinister, Emma Frost aka The White Queen, Cable, Bishop, Forge, Nightcrawler and new to that universe’s continuity: Roberto DaCosta aka Sunspot.
  • Marvel Zombies animated series confirmed it will be set in the What If Zombies universe with Yelena, Kate Bishop, Agent Woo, Red Guardian, Shang-Chi and Kamala Khan as confirmed
  • Superman and Lois Season 3 will begin filming soon as casually mentioned during the Teen Wolf panel with Tyler Hoechlin
  • Transformers: Earthspark panel showed some more transformers that will appear on the series airing on Paramount+ during the panel and also slightly after in a short trailer for Twitter
  • Apple TV+ has confirmed For All Mankind has been renewed for a fourth season
  • Tiny Toons is getting a follow up with the first art from Tiny Toon College Years going to HBO Max with a first look at SDCC
  • Continuing yesterday’s Dragon news, The Dragon Prince Season 4: Mystery of Aaravos has been confirmed to drop on Netflix in November 2022.


  • The Joker ongoing series featuring Jim Gordon has just wrapped up and DC have announced a new Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing ongoing series written by Matthew Rosenberg
  • A Red Hood series set in the Batman: White Knight universe was announced
  • Gorham Knights (the game) gets a 6 issue tie-in series in October – Batman: Gotham Knights – Gilded City
  • GCPD: The Blue Wall is a limited run series also coming from DC Comics in October
  • Paul Dano, the actor who played the Riddler in the 2022 The Batman movie, is writing THE RIDDLER: YEAR ONE, a six-issue bimonthly DC Black Label series illustrated by Stevan Subic.
  • Tom King’s next big project is Gotham City: Year One is set 2 generations before there was a Batman in Gotham City
  • A new Batman/Spawn crossover is on the way in December
  • Static Shock is getting a YA treatment akin to Ravin and Beast Boy
  • Dynamite Comics pickup Disney with them republishing the highly saught after Gargoyles series run and also starting a new Darkwing Duck series ongoing (in addition to reprinting some of the 1991 hard to find books)
  • Marvel is continuing Strange Academy with Strange Academy: Finals with the returning creative team of Scottie Young and Humberrto Ramos
  • Marvel also announced new limited series including X-Treme X-Men, Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise, Tiger Division (following a Korean super team), Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt (a Kraven origin story) and teased the next big event Dark Web by Zeb Wells featuring Spider-Man and the X-Men
  • New Star Wars books set against the High Republic and several other comics were announced as coming from Lucasarts publishing in addition to a Pop-Up Book/Advent Calendar for Wookie Life Day


  • LeBron James (SpaceJam 2) was confirmed as a playable character in Multuversus with a first look at the character’s playstyle. They will be slamdunked into the game on July 26th. Rick and Morty (separately) will be added to the character roster in Season 2.
  • Exoprimal the Capcom FPS with Dinosaurs dropped a new trailer showing off the cast of dinosaurs appearing


  • Marvel commissioned a Infinty Guanlet using real precious gems and took it to Comic-Con it is not for purchase unless you have a spare 25 million dollars
  • A Cal Kestis vintage collection style action figure for Star Wars Jedi Survivor has appeared
  • Hasbro dropped exclusive looks at a number of upcoming Marvel Legends figures including a “Heralds of Galactus” two-pack comprised of Marvel’s Fallen One and Terrax (a re-release of the BAF (Build-A-Figure) from a few years back)  and a “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” three-pack based on the 1981 animated series of the same name. Included are: Firestar (a re-release with a slightly darker paint app), a classic Spider-Man and a new Iceman figure with cel-shading.
  • Also from Hasbro’s Marvel legends line: Marvel Legends Series Tesseract featuring Loki! Available for pre-order beginning tomorrow on Hasbro Pulse!
  • Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Series collection also revealed a retro-carded Marvel’s Beast with labcoat, an alternate head and Erlenmeyer flask accessories and Marvel’s Scorpion!
  • A Star Wars The Black Series Darth Vader Force FX Elite Lightsaber has been revealed with wall-cutting light change and sound effects.
  • New additions to Hasbro’s Star Wars Black series collection were announced including HK-87, an Imperial Light Cruiser Luke Skywalker, a Grogu (Baby Yoda) in solo packaging, Dark Troopers, Migs Mayfield and a lot more. The Star Wars Black Series is also getting new packaging to cut down on plastic use which  may be similar to the changes to the Marvel Legends packaging not too long ago. A Black Series Darth Vader Lightsaber complete with display stand and Kyber crystal was also announced
  • Hot Wheels announced SDCC exclusives of The Mandalorian Razor Crest, a Ghost Rider, and a non-SDCC Exclusive KITT from Knight Rider with working LED light
  • EFX Collectibles Baby Yoda/Grogu Animatronic shown yesterday now has a price tag – the custom made to order prop will cost you $85,000 – $100,000 USD with the base model being capable of 15 gestures/movements

There you have it! All the biggest announcements to come out of Day Two at SDCC! Check back tomorrow for more updates!

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