She-Hulk: Attorney At Law gets a Release Date, a Hulk (and obviously a lot of CGI)


Thought it might be a quiet week for Marvel with Doctor Strange at the box office and Ms Marvel coming to Disney+ in only two and a half weeks? Sorry but Marvel Studios has other plans with the first trailer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law hitting the interwebs this morning including confirming a previous August premiere date.

For those who don’t know She-Hulk aka Jennifer Walters first appeared in her own comic The Savage She-Hulk in 1980 and was created by Stan Lee and artist Steve Buscema. In it Jennifer Walters, an attorney got a green upgrade after she got into an accident and required a blood transfusion that came from her cousin Bruce Banner aka the Incredible Hulk instead of say Gamma Radiation.

Where in some runs She-Hulk is known as the Savage She-Hulk where she would be a green rage monster like her cousin for the most part She-Hulk of her runs She-Hulk unlike her cousin was known for retaining her Jennifer Walter’s personality and intelligence when she Hulks out. In fact for a lot of her runs Jennifer Walters is more commonly seen in her She-Hulk persona while living her every day life including court proceedings.

In Spider-Man/Fantastic Four writer Dan Slott’s 2004 run of She-Hulk most of the story revolves around a Jennifer Walter’s being kicked out of the Avengers Mansion (due to her Party Girl ways… her very very party hard ways) and going back to practicing law specifically in Superhero cases. This run actually included the precedent that comic books exist inside the 616 universe and are based on the people living in it as sort of ‘true crime’ stories and are able to be cited as books of law in court room proceedings. The new trailer looks to cross this run with She-Hulks origin as we see a Jennifer Walters go from Orphan Black/Tatiana Maslany to the very ok in her new green skin She-Hulk that we know from the comics.

The trailer and show obviously looks to include a LOT of CGI which the show would not be possible without (unless you had identical twins playing the roles and one just happened to be 4 feet taller) but we think we need to see a bit more to be sold fully.This is technically not our first look either as we did catch a glimpse of the trailer during the Disney Day for Disney+ late last year looks to be very true to the 90s/2000s She-Hulk except with added Mark Ruffalo which we could not imagine even a changed origin without.

You can watch the full trailer below but make sure to tell us what you think. Are you looking forward to She-Hulk: Attorney At Law? Are you hoping to see some references from the 2004 run (before Shulkie was drafted to be an Agent of Shield in the Super Hero Registration Act of course) like the TVA or Starfox? Is this setting up She-Hulk to appear in Secret Wars just like her comic counterpart? Tell us in the comments down below.

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law is due August 17th this year on Disney+