This Week in Games: May 16 – 21


Three-armed bounty hunters, vampire RPGs, dungeon crawling shooters and dungeon world builders are some of the things ahead of you this week. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Based on the tabletop series by the same name Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong is the now 4th instalment of tabletop turned video game putting you in control of 3 vampires switching between them over the course of the single player RPG campaign. Delayed due to COVID this one is coming out this Thursday for PlayStation and via the Epic Store before the Xbox release on Friday.

Taking on the role of a three-armed bounty hunter in a side scrolling world is They Always Run. While throwing back to a more simple arcade style this gives of some another world vibes with some great looking backdrops for you to platform and slash through. It is out this Friday for Xbox.

And on Friday comes some single player dungeon crawling with Dolmen coming out for PlayStation and Steam with Xbox coming on Saturday. Scratching an itch for anyone whose happy place is 3rd person shooter/single player/dungeon crawlers this one has you sent to a remote mining outpost that needs some clearing.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week is still in a dungeon but this time you are the architect aka Dungeoneer in Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition. Coming for the Switch on Thursday this is the Ultimate Edition with the title already being available Steam and even as a Android App, this is a card based game that lets you use your card deck to design a dungeon as opposed to controlling the hero. If you are a fan of D&D this simple gameplay will probably scratch some casual gameplay itch between campaigns.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Stadtleben (Steam)
Me and the Zombies (Steam)
Space Survival (Steam)
Adventure Trip: London Collector’s Edition (Steam)
Orph – The Lost Boy (Steam)
Tru Or Die: Chiraq (Steam)
A Gladiator’s Hell (Steam)
Duel Jousting VR (Steam VR)
The Witch’s Garden (Steam)
Planetary Planter (Steam)
Dungeon Fall (Steam)
The King of Drive – Parking Edition (Steam)
Delivery in Space (Steam)
Before The Last Hour (Steam)
Hyperbase (Steam)
Peace Maker VR (Steam)

Penetrator (Steam)
Music is the Language (Steam VR)
Faking to Dance (Steam VR)
Riding Away (Steam VR)
Speaker of Worlds (Steam)
Calmie Dots (Steam)
Sunline (Steam)
One More Island (Steam)
Abyss Protection (Steam)
Bobbi Adventure (Steam)
Lone elven wanderer (Steam)
Slaughter Cannon 2 (Steam)
Block Breaker 2 (Steam)
BOX RUSH 2: Ice worlds (Steam)
Aurelia: Stellar Arising (Steam)
Raccoon Tales (Steam)
The Bird’s Realm 3 (Steam)
Decisive Strike (Steam)
Death Dungeon (Steam)
Stonegeon 迷石地牢 (Steam)
Spacemancer (Steam)
Sisters_Possession2 (Steam)
Little Witch in the Woods (Steam)
MugenCards (Steam)
My Name is Mayo 3 (Steam)
Volvalis (Steam)
Lander Odyssey (Steam)
Tennis Manager 2022 (Steam)
光辉耀浙里 Brilliance shines in Zhejiang (Steam)

Behind Closed Doors: A Developer’s Tale (PS/Switch)
Divination (PS/Switch)
Umurangi Generation Special Edition (XB)
One More Island (Epic Store)
The Wizard and the Slug (Epic Store)
Regular Factory Escape Room (Switch)
Recursive Ruin (Steam)
Final Foe (Steam)
Gibbon: Beyond the Trees (Steam)
Trash Patrol – Academic Version (Steam)
Ralph’s party RPG (Steam)
ENDRR (Steam)
Apocalive (Steam)
Snack Stall (Steam)
Witching Hour (Steam)
Rail Walkers (Steam)
The Horror Story: Remastered – The Prequel (Steam)
新射雕群侠传 (Steam)
Aqorel (Steam)

Endzone – A World Apart: Survivor Edition (PS)
Vampire: The Masquerade (PS/Epic Store)
Behind Closed Doors: A Developer’s Tale (XB)
Divination (XB)
Curious Expedition 2 (Epic Store)
The Future You’ve Been Dreaming Of (Switch)
Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition (Switch)
There Will Be No Turkey This Christmas (Switch)
The Always Run (Switch)
Goetia 2 (Switch)
Bad Writer (Switch)
“Space Swap 110%™” – Amazing Tribute “Tetris Attack” Game! (Steam)
Decision: Red Daze (Steam)
Fantasy Fighters (Steam)
Monuments Flipper: Prologue (Steam)
Icemaze Cave: Skate Escape (Steam)
Dungeon Dueler (Steam)
Local Paper Small Town (Steam VR)
Knight Story (Steam)
Doorman (Steam)
CowboysShowdown (Steam)
BeachRun (Steam)
Satama Puzzle (Steam)
Meekanoid (Steam)
Heroes of Book & Paper (Steam)
Sushi Rush (Steam)
Fruit Juice (Steam)
Animal Babysister Fighter : Zombie Coming! (Steam)
A Fungus In My Garden (Steam VR)
Minion Slayer (Steam)
Oyster VR (Steam)
Old World (Steam)
Gordianaut (Steam)
The Last Tater (Steam)
Golf Gang (Steam)
真探 (Steam)
TENDY: Robot Gardener (Steam)
Hovercars 3077: Underground racing (Steam)
Maroon Berets: 2030 (Steam)
Barro GT (Steam)
Freshman Magic: Spellbooks and Tangled Sheets (Steam)

Dolmen (PS/Steam)
Endzone – A World Apart (XB)
They Always Run (XB)
Vampire: The Masquerade (XB)
Instant Sports Plus (Switch)
Cotton Fantasy (Switch)
PigShip and the Giant Wolf (Switch)
The Legend of the Dragonflame Highschool (Switch)
Puzzle Collection (Switch)
Galacticon (Switch)
Orbit VR (Steam VR)
All Alone with Mannie (Steam)
Eternal Threads (Steam)
FACTOR D (Steam)
Shadow Racer (Steam)
Goetia 2 (Steam)
IFO (Steam)
Gem Setter (Steam)
Space Ducks: The great escape (Steam)
Frequency Dissonance (Steam)
Suicide Guy Deluxe Plus (Steam)
3D PUZZLE – Castle (Steam)
Space Turbo (Steam)
Linelith (Steam)
SPE:X (Steam)
Space Crafting (Steam)
Mortificare (Steam)
Blacksmith War (Steam)
Potions War (Steam)
Wood Cuter (Steam)
Miner Rush (Steam)
HAYAI (Steam)
Ball Hunter (Steam)
Element Runner (Steam)
The Hunsa Magic (Steam)
驰骋三国 (Steam)
Surflexers (Steam VR)
Sketch (Steam)
Lone Bastion (Steam)
Dub Club (Steam)
Blade Bros ACTION! (Steam)
Smilemo (Steam)
Late photographer 5 (Steam)
Almost Home Now (Steam)
Core Iris (Steam)
Ultra Imposer (Steam VR)
Scavenger’s Deep (Steam)
Metal World: Street Scraps (Steam)
School Bus Driver Simulator (Steam)
Ad Wars (Steam)
Cook OL (Steam)
BINGIMAN: Trap Ochido (Steam)

Deadcraft (XB)
Dolmen (XB)
Nirvana: Pilot Yume (XB)
They Are Coming (Epic Store)
Karagon: Prelude (Steam)
Quest of a Fallen (Steam)
Maze Dungeon (Steam)
Forsaken Barn (Steam)
They Are Coming! (Steam)
News Reacts (Steam)
The Endless Summer Surfing Challenge (Steam)
Maid PizzaHub (Steam)
Hex Rally Racers (Steam)
Galacticon (Steam)
Virtual Circuit Board (Steam)
AstoriaVR (Steam VR)
Interitus (Steam)
Abort, Retry, Fail (Steam)
Grederys (Steam)
MewMew – PewPew (Steam)
Cosmic Purge (Steam)
Dice & Dungeons (Steam)
次元战纪 (Steam)
~Daydream~蝶が舞う頃に (Steam)
Tiny Arcade Racers (Steam)
Build Lands (Steam)
Loopback (Steam)
一代掌门 (Steam)
Fly Dangerous (Steam VR)
SenS (Steam)
Phromg Game (Steam)