Thor: Love & Thunder Teaser Brings the Hammer Down with first Jane Foster Thor


While it might have felt like a long time coming 2022 has been a feast for MCU fans. Coming off 2021 hot with Spider-Man: No Way Home and not one but 5 MCU TV shows on Disney+ 2022 looks to blitz the previous with the first post-End Game sequels to hit the MCU. While we have had a feel for Doctor Strange 2 since the post credits of NWH Thor 4 dropped it’s first trailer overnight and it certainly has not disapponted.

Things have not been all quiet on the Thor 4 front with a number of set leaked images during it’s time shooting in Sydney giving us a small preview into what to expect. While the set photos showed some punk rock/heavy metal versions of both Thor and the Guardians the new trailer certainly paints a different picture.

Picking up after End Game (which was set 5 years into the future, so almost back to real time for the MCU thanks to the Pandemic, words you would not normally hear), the slightly larger God of Thunder with his Axe, Stormbreaker headed off earth with the Guardians of the Galaxy leaving the people of Asgard or ‘New Asgard on earth under the rule of Valkyrie. We actually got a small teaser of New Asgard in No Way Home as part of the bottom news ticker a the start of the film referring to negotiations we see in the L&T trailer.

From the trailer, the new film which is also directed by Thor: Ragnarök director Taikta Waititi, the new film looks to follow in the Jason Aaron run of Thor which followed the Marvel event of Fear Itself where Thor became ‘Unworthy’ losing his hammer. In the MCU this was replaced with the events of Ragnarök/Infinity War/End Game where Thor lost his hammer when it was destroyed by Hela and he felt unworthy after losing half the Galaxy to Thanos.

The trailer borrows heavily from the run with even certain scenes reflecting art from the Jason Aaron run with a few MCU changes such as Valkyrie ruling over New Asgard instead of Freya. But the big reveal for this trailer is without a doubt the appearance of Jane Foster as Thor with a pieced together Hammer standing on what looks to be Earth from the car in the background.

You can watch the full teaser trailer for yourself below but with Doctor Strange heading to cinemas next month and Thor 4 being 3 months away you can expect a full trailer to be coming out in short order. But what do you think? Are you keen for Lady Thor? How do you think Mjolnir was reassembled? Who do you think Mek’s tailor for that suit is? Tell us in the comments down below.

Thor: Love & Thunder hits Australian cinemas in July