This Week in Games: Apr 18 – 23


Pixel adventures, LEGO puzzlers and the 2 wheel grand prix are ahead of you for this shorter gaming week this week. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Start your weekend with another great LEGO game but this week it is LEGO® Builder’s Journey. No open world and licensing here this is straight up LEGO building puzzle solver. Already out for other platforms, get it for PlayStation first this Tuesday.

If Grand Turismo has 2 too many wheels for you then on Thursday swap it for 2 wheels with MotoGP 22. Coming for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Steam play through the 2022 season with access to 120 riders and 20 official tracks.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to the quirky adventure of Lila’s Sky Ark. Solve puzzles, explore to defend the island and defeat the intruders. If you are a fan of pixel based epic adventures then this one could be worth your time when it drops on Nintendo Switch and via Steam on Thursday with it also coming to the Epic Games store on Friday.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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LiMiT’s Escape Room Games (Steam)
sttiaotiao (Steam)
magical journey (Steam)
Tag: The Power of Paint (Steam)
Mini Pipes – A Logic Puzzle Pipes Game (Steam)
Fortress Building Puzzle (Steam)

Rainbow (PS)
LEGO® Builder’s Journey (PS)
Simultaneous Control (Steam)
Oliver (Steam)
General Practitioner 2 (Steam)
Administrators (Steam)
Emperial Knights (Steam)
Armored Sinner (Steam)
NFT (Steam)
Hillmain Hotel (Steam)
Roly Poly (Steam)
I Hate You, Please Suffer – Basic (Steam)
F.I.D.O. (Steam)
Cursed 2 (Steam)
Immortal Mantis (Steam)

Liberated: Enhanced Edition (PS)
Catana (XB/Switch)
Winter Ember (XB/Steam)
Upaon: A Snake’s Journey (Epic Store)
Spirit of the North (Epic Store)
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Switch)
Wild West Crops (Switch)
Battle Support (Steam)
Warstride Challenges (Steam)
The Iron Oath (Steam)
Makiomino (Steam)
Underground Life (Steam)
内卷三年竟穿越:皇帝模拟器 (Steam)
月出之时 (Steam)
青灵御剑诀 (Steam)
Lead the Way – Full Collection (Steam)
Curley Laboratory (Steam)
Porcupine’s Fate Chapter 1 (Steam)
Card Girl Army Ⅱ (Steam)
Tobor Party (Steam)
TerraNova: Escape Room (Steam)
Glover (Steam)
RogueStone (Steam)
Summer In Memoria (Steam)
Dank Subs (Steam)
Citrus Rampage (Steam)
Crimson Dawn (Steam)
Minarchy: Active Shooter (Steam)
Grammarian Ltd (Steam)
Through the Kill Screen (Steam)
Princess Pyro (Steam)

MotoGP 22 (PS/XB/Switch/Steam)
I Love Food (PS)
Samurai Bringer (PS/Switch/Steam)
Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles (PS/Switch)
Galactic Wars EX (PS/Switch/Steam)
Crushborgs (XB)
Liberated: Enhanced Edition (XB)
Camp Sunshine (Epic Store)
MythForce (Epic Store)
Dragon Caffi (Switch)
Revita (Switch)
Super Mega Zero (Switch/Steam)
Rainbow Yggdrasil (Switch)
Metal Tales Overkill (Switch)
Burger Bistro Story (Switch)
Japanese NEKOSAWA Escape -The Old Inn- (Switch)
Anichard (Switch)
8 Ball Clash (Switch)
Funny Car Wash (Switch)
Evasion from Hell (Switch)
Lila’s Sky Ark (Switch/Steam)
In the Mood (Switch)
CosmicBreak Gun & Slash (Switch)
NeonLore (Switch)
Rotund Zero (Switch)
Sakura Angels (Switch)
Horror Stories (Switch)
Roguebook (Switch)
Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles (Switch)
Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 13 (Steam)
Aircraft Carrier Survival (Steam)
Ember Knights (Steam)
Toe To Toe Party Games (Steam VR)
Sailor’s Stories Solitaire (Steam)
Battle of Heroes 3 (Steam)
Death Trading Card Game (Steam)
Take the Throne (Steam)
The Dragon Apprentice (Steam)
Droid404 (Steam)
Torden (Steam)
Shirazu Yama (Steam)
IAI (Steam)
Ready Action (Steam)
Darza’s Dominion (Steam)
The Sinking Structure, Clione, and Lost Child -Log6 (Steam)
Fishing Vacation (Steam)
Jaded (Steam)
DragonScales 7: A Heart of Dark Flames (Steam)
Horse and Go Seek (Steam)
Natal Perdido (Steam)
Eastern Europe Truck Simulator (Steam)
Hats Are Not Allowed (Steam) (Steam)
Terraformers (Steam)
The Great Deer (Steam)

Evasion From Hell (PS)
Ayo the Clown (PS)
Castle Formers (PS/Steam)
Catana (PS) (PS/XB/Switch)
Deck of Ashes (PS/XB/Switch)
Legend of Ixtona (PS)
Ganryu 2 (PS/Steam)
Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles (XB)
LIT: Bend the Light (XB)
Mokoko X (XB)
Neptunia x SENRAN KAGURA: Ninja Wars (Switch)
Bit Orchard: Animal Valley (Switch)
Wizard Mike (Switch)
Galagi Shooter (Switch)
Jewel Match Origins 2 – Bavarian Palace Collector’s Edition (Steam)
Coal Mining Simulator: Prologue (Steam)
Rotund Zero (Steam)
Vampire: The Masquerade – Heartless Lullaby (Steam)
Cyphers Game (Steam)
Anuchard (Steam)
VELONE (Steam)
Nocturama (Steam)
Godlike Burger (Steam)
Trolley Problem, Inc. (Steam)
Crypto Miner Tycoon Simulator (Steam)
Gabriel’s Auditory Playground (Steam)
Rocket Bot Royale (Steam)
转生成为史莱姆的我变成了美少女的宠物 (Steam)
Dodge & Weave (Steam)
Bot Gaiden (Steam)
PongBreak (Steam)
The Mensional (Steam)
Dastardly (Steam)
Sakura Hime 2 (Steam)
Nyaaaanvy (Steam)
Save the Llama (Steam)
Six Aspects (Steam)
Skabma – Snowfall (Steam)
Fragmented Memories – Arc One (Steam)
Hana no No ni Saku Utakata no (Steam)
Scarleth (Steam)
Rose Action (Steam)
Out of the Park Baseball 23 (Steam)
Sarrisa and the Legendary Sword (Steam)
You will die a lot buddy, trust me! (Steam)
MEARTH (Steam)
KeepUp Hunter (Steam)
Turbo Overkill (Steam)
A Day of Maintenance (Steam)

Ayo the Clown (XB)
Super Mega Zero (Epic Store)
Riverbond (Epic Store)
Lila’s Sky Ark (Epic Store)
Anuchard (Epic Store)
Trolley Problem, Inc. (Epic Store)
Smelter (Epic Store)
Ganryu 2 – Hakuma Kojiro (Switch)
Timeline (Steam)
Still Heroes (Steam)
Fever Dream (Steam)
Rocco’s Inferno (Steam)
RATUZ (Steam)
Lands of Vodria (Steam)
3D PUZZLE – Farm House (Steam)
Cosmic Ascension (Steam)
Ai-(Onic) (Steam)
Bunny Girl Story (Steam)
Evasion from Hell (Steam)
The Hike (Steam)
Remorse: The List (Steam)
Yin Yang Space (Steam)
异世界无厘头生活2 (Steam)
Nightfall Comes (Steam)
Terranova (Steam)
攻城三国志 (Steam)