This Week in Games: Nov 15 – 20


Fight Zombies, Pokémon Nostalgia, the entire line up from Battlefield before having a nice island get away this week in your gaming. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Starting the week light with the zombie apocalypse in the Last Stand: Aftermath. Seeing a significant graphical update from other titles in the series this has a definitely Diablo with Zombies style with the isometric gameplay. Get it for Steam on Tuesday or Xbox and PlayStation on Wednesday.

Taking things in a slightly different way is Sherlock Homes: Chapter One. Less of a linear approach to the Sherlock type of game and more of an open world/Assassin Creed/LA Noire like with the Island of Cordoba being open to explore. Chapter One is out on Tuesday for PlayStation with Xbox and Steam following on Wednesday.

And lastly is the big title for the week with the latest Battlefield coming to just about every platform that supports it. Battlefield 2042 has already launched in early access for EA Play Subscribers but from this Friday it is open for everyone with releases on Xbox, PlayStation, Steam and PC retail. Battlefield 2042 is of course the latest update to Battlefield just set in the year of 2042 but it does take it a little further with game modes that mix together every era of Battlefield letting you play as a WWI sniper while modern day fighter jets fly overhead.

Pokémon™ Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon™ Shining Pearl Double Pack (Switch)

Honourable Mention: And lastly our honourable mention this week is for the Nintendo Switch and Pokemon aficionados is the latest Pokémon with Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl coming out on Friday. Remastering the original Pearl and Diamond from the Nintendo DS to be updated for the Switch this one reproduces the story of the original titles but updates the interface to be more inline with the current Pokemon titles. Grab either (or both).

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Finger Fitness (PS)
Breakdown (Steam)
Living Art (Steam)
Splash Cars (Steam)
Math+Sticks – Coffee Break Club (Steam)
Card Game Simulator (Steam)
Tomb Keeper Mansion Deluxe Pinball (Steam)
Five dreams (Steam VR)
Tomb of The Lost Sentry (Steam)

Mastho is Together (PS)
Klang 2 (PS)
Sherlock Holmes Chapter One (PS)
Dandy Ace (PS)
Marsupilami: Hoobadventure (PS/Switch)
The Wild at Heart (Switch)
Horseshoe Crab Rescue! (Switch)
Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story™ (Switch)
The Smurfs – Mission Vileaf (Switch)
Car Detailing Simulator: Prologue (Steam)
Escape Room: The Sorcerer’s Curse (Steam)
Chaos Brigade (Steam)
The Amethyst Stones (Steam)
Rorys Restaurant: Winter Rush (Steam)
Scrapvival (Steam)
Gobby McGobblenutz Presents: The Art of the Dad Joke: Chapter 1 (Steam)
Poly Puzzle: Cats (Steam)
Door3:Insignia (Steam)
Robot88 (Steam)
NEDEN? (Steam)
Sakura Forest Girls 3 (Steam)
Facility (Steam)
Destiny’s Plan (Steam)
Serious Breakdown (Steam)
Philosopher’s Stone and Minerva (Steam)
Poker Solitaire (Steam)
TownOfDestruction (Steam)
Aruna (Steam)
Moncage (Steam)
Ollie-Oop (Steam)
Tavern Master (Steam)
Ajedrez una tarde de Otoño (Steam)
CountryBalls Heroes (Steam)
Combat Mission Cold War (Steam)
The Last Stand: Aftermath (Steam)
The Glade (Steam)
Grow: Song of the Evertree (Steam)

Grow: Song of the Evertree (PS/XB)
The Last Stand: Aftermath (PS/XB)
Out of Line (XB)
Sherlock Holmes Chapter One (XB/Steam)
Surviving the Aftermath (XB)
Them Bombs (XB)
Space Moth Lunar Edition (PS)
Klang 2 (Switch)
Mastho is Together (Switch)
Neo Spectrum (Steam)
Pizza Man (Steam)
Signals (Steam)
Space Waves (Steam)
Destruction of planets (Steam)
Pro Basketball Manager 2022 (Steam)
Rob Riches (Steam)
Willage (Steam)
StarCrawlers Chimera (Steam)
Hidden Ghost Town (Steam)
Chao’s Collection of Random Games (Steam)
Tep The Destroyer (Steam)
That Flipping Mountain (Steam)
Pumpkin Eater (Steam)
Echo – An Indie Tale (Steam)
Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021 (Steam)
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall (Steam VR)
Next Space Rebels (Steam)
Blub Emporium (Steam)

Arcade1Up: The Simpsons Arcade Machine with Stool & Riser Bundle
My Universe: Interior Design (Switch)
My Universe: Puppies and Kittens (Switch)
Before We Leave (XB)
Chef’s Tail (XB)
Klang 2 (XB)
Mastho is Together (XB)
Next Space Rebels (XB)
Space Moth Lunar Edition (XB)
Tamarin (XB)
20 Bunnies (PS)
Kosmonavtes: Academy Escape (Switch)
BloodRayne: ReVamped (Switch)
Smoots Golf (Switch/Steam)
NinNinDays2 (Switch)
Space Moth Lunar Edition (Switch)
Romeow: in the cracked world (Switch)
Would you like to run an idol cafe? (Switch)
H.I.C.H. (Switch)
Ice Station Z (Switch)
BloodRayne 2: ReVamped (Switch)
How To Bathe Your Cat: Drawing (Steam)
Railway Islands – Puzzle (Steam)
Key (Steam)
Wandering Trails: A Hiking Game (Steam)
Slime Escape (Steam)
Kirkileons (Steam)
Stay Alive On The Tank: Explosive Shells In The Darkness (Steam)
Once in Flowerlake (Steam)
Arcadia Fallen (Steam)
Pangea (Steam)
World Tree (Steam)
Underwater World (Steam)
Color Ball (Steam)
Blox 3D World (Steam)
BOT.vinnik Chess: Mid-Century USSR Championships (Steam)
Cats War (Steam)
Being Left The F*** Alone Simulator (Steam)
Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade (Steam)
AIKAGI (Steam)
Hardwork Simulator (Steam)
Traveler (Steam)
Castle in the Sky – Clash of Sky Palace (Steam)
Unsafe (Steam)
Alien Marauder (Steam)
Myth of Empires (Steam)
Sucker Punch VR (Steam VR)
Jetpack Vacation (Steam VR)
异界转生 这次变成了传说中的勇者呢(受) (Steam)
Jubilee (Steam)
Wrought Flesh (Steam)
Destroy The Cubes 2 (Steam)
GRAVV: Between Two Worlds (Steam)
Undungeon (Steam)

Battlefield 2042 (PS/XB/PC Retail)
Exo One – November 18 (XB)
Fae Tactics – November 18 (XB)
Space Elite Force 2 in 1 (XB)
Two Hundred Ways (XB)
Undungeon (XB)
Nerf Legends (PS)
Pokémon™ Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon™ Shining Pearl Double Pack (Switch)
Pokémon™ Shining Pearl (Switch)
Pokémon™ Brilliant Diamond (Switch)
City Traffic Driver (Switch)
Sports & Wild Pinball (Switch)
Whiskey Mafia: Leo’s Family (Switch)
20 Ladies (Switch)
RazerWire: Nanowars (Switch)
Exertus: Redux (Switch)
NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+ (Switch)
Prepare For Warp: Unlimited Edition: Beyond Insanji (Steam)
THE MADHOUSE | 感染屋敷 (Steam)
Space Moth: Lunar Edition (Steam)
Clou – Roll & Heist (Steam)
Time Patrol (Steam VR)
Lawnmower Game: Pinball (Steam)
荣耀斗罗 (Steam)
Melodier (Steam)
Saffron Fields (Steam)
Spectrolite (Steam)
>Love with Furry 🐺< (Steam)
Blade Walker (Steam)
Base Dune (Steam)
Twinland (Steam)
Left to Survive: Shooter PVP (Steam)
Beyond dreams (Steam)
After the first station (Steam)
Snake Force (Steam)
Pronty: Fishy Adventure (Steam)
Our Mother’s house (Steam)
Laypo Country Simulator (Steam)
Royal Riders (Steam)
My Fingers! (Steam)
Uberlaufer (Steam VR)
Nightmare (Steam)
Toy Tinker Simulator (Steam)
猫不语 (Steam)
The Crafter’s Defense (Steam)
Shape Shift Shawn Episode 1: Tale of the Transmogrified (Steam)
Nerf Legends (Steam)
Te Encontré (Steam)
Equin 2: The Warren Peace (Steam)
Dr Iwan: Evolution (Steam)
Jumper (Steam)
Arcadius (Steam)

Despotism 3k (XB)
Nerf Legends (XB)
Smoots Golf (XB)
Total Arcade Racing (XB)
Conquest (Steam VR)
FirePuzzle – Save the House (Steam)
Animal Express (Steam)
Remy Raccoon and the Lost Temple – Festive Frolics (Volume 1) (Steam)
Hero of the Kingdom: The Lost Tales 2 (Steam)
Nix Umbra (Steam)
Hidden Objects – Sleeping Beauty – Puzzle Fairy Tales (Steam)
Not Another Dungeon?! (Steam)
Crazy Alien (Steam)
Suber Driver (Steam)
Maverta City (Steam)
100 hidden frogs (Steam)
Zombie Maze (Steam)
Jo-Jo Fighter (Steam)
Forgotten Souls (Steam)
B-17 Flying Fortress: World War II Bombers in Action (Steam)
Patriots: Back to Civilization (Steam)
頭痛 (Steam)
Kusari Kingdom (Steam)
Tied by your Red (Steam)
Faircroft’s Antiques: The Forbidden Crypt (Steam)