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It’s been a long wait for Bond movie lovers with the final chapter of the Daniel Craig/James Bond series originally due out more than a year ago only making it’s way to cinemas this week. With more than a year (and a couple of updates to movie posters for release date) is it worth the wait?

For anyone who doesn’t know who James Bond is, firstly – Hello, welcome to planet earth. Clearly you are new here. Who is James you ask? James Bond is the creation of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang writer Ian Fleming and since 1962 has been THE Spy as far as movies and pop culture have been concerned. While not the first film spy he definitely set the bar for all other spy movies to be compared to. One of the longest running series with 26 films in total and 6 actors taking on the role of “Bond” have brought us to this moment.

Bond films for anyone who is a fan will know are not really films with continuity, more like a loose connection between them with a shared core cast of James Bond aka Agent 007 with a license to kill, M his boss, Moneypenny who works for his boss and Q who is responsible for what most people will consider the most important part of the Bond franchise his spy gadgets.

The latest Bond to carry the name for the last 14 years has been Daniel Craig (who prior was known as playing opposite Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider). Acting as somewhat a hard reset on the James Bond franchise the new Bond started from the beginning with a little more connection between films of his series.

In Casino Royale we saw James become a 007 and lose the love of his life Vesper Lynd. In Quantum of Solace James stops a mysterious organisation from eliminating a entire country’s valuable resource. In Skyfall Bond returns after being presumed dead and ultimately is unsuccessful in saving “M” (carried over form the previous James Bond series) from a former MI6 operative with a new M replacing her. In Spectre the mysterious organisation returns and is named with the head of it Blowfelt revealing it as a global counterintelligence agency (but evil). And honestly that pretty much brings you up to now, we could go into more detail but these films are not short and neither is the latest installment.

No Time to Die is the latest in the Bond franchise but also the last for the current Bond, Daniel Craig with his Bond contract ending on this film. Taking over from the end of Spectre, Bond has retired with a wife but that does not last long as Spectre still is out there and looking for revenge on Bond.

Much like every Bond film this one is not short for action sequences, stunts and gadgetry but much like the films from the current run of Bond there is definitely a heavy plot line that carries through the 2 hour and 42 minutes of film runtime. In this Bond returns to MI6 after being presumed dead (mostly because they couldn’t find him not because of some elaborate death scene like in Skyfall). Bond returns to find things have moved on including his 007 being reassigned. And that is about all you need to know about the film, 007 films while not the most intricate plot wise they are definitely long spy movies and the latest is about on par with the prior Spectre or Skyfall for story.

Action wise the Daniel Craig films were much more about action than sex, puns and gadgets and this one remains consistent to that formula. Early on we get some of the action sequences we saw from the trailers and they look just as good on the big screen. If you are not familiar with action sequences in Bond films the important things to know is goodies drive Aston Martins and the baddies drive Range Rovers.

So should you go see it? If you have been watching the Daniel Craig Bond series then absolutely this is a no brainer. It aims to act as a bookend to this chapter for the current Bond and a conclusion to everything that has happened in the films before. HOWEVER, if you have not been keeping up with the Daniel Craig Bond films there are a few places you might be a little bit confused, but on the upside it’s still a pretty good action flick and an excuse to head to the cinemas.

No Time to Die is in cinemas across Australia right now

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