Chris Evan Continues to Tease Catchphrases in the first look at Pixar’s Lightyear


It was only a little under a year ago when Disney dropped what seemed like an entire decade worth of films, TV and other projects out on their investor day that would span into the future. Well now that we are in the future one of those projects doesn’t seem that far away with the Pixar film set in the further future – Lightyear.

For anyone who isn’t aware Lightyear is the upcoming film from Pixar which takes the concept that the action figure from the Toy Story Franchise, Buzz Lightyear, is actually based on something and some one. While in the Toy Story movies it is based on a cartoon (which Disney actually also made) this goes one step further and says what if that cartoon was based on something ‘real’.

Lightyear is a Sci-Fi adventure that we really do know next to nothing about with it being based on the Buzz Lightyear, Galaxy Ranger, character and with former Captain America Chris Evans taking the main role (not Tim Allen from the Toy Story series).

Th trailer itself has a lot going on with space sequences, alien attacks all set to some Bowie that gives it a tiny bit of Guardians of the Galaxy to it as well. If you are wondering how this has managed to continue along while so many other films have been delayed due to the pandemic the answer is very simply, animated films do not always require a lot of people to be in the same room which is why studios like Pixar have managed to keep an almost regular schedule with films like Luca and Onward with the only impact being the cinemas (where it was not on Disney+)

You can check out the full trailer below and then tell us what do you think? Are you looking forward to the movie based on an character that was the basis for a cartoon that was the basis for an action figure that was the main character of then another film? Will we see a gritty Clint Eastwood style Sheriff Woody film? Will there be a Slinky Dog cut? Tell us in the comments down below.

Lightyear is launching for a 2022 release