This Week in Games: Aug 23 – 28


The next game from the mind of Day of the Tentacle creator, solving mysteries with dead bodies and also solving them on an abandoned island, and an ship sized problem full of Xenomorphs that only a flamethrower can solve are just some of the problems ahead of you in this gaming week. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Grab your Pulse Rifle as there are Xenomorphs to take care of as you for your 3 person squad for Aliens Fireteam Elite coming to PlayStation and Xbox this Tuesday with the Steam release coming the next day. Basically it’s you, 2 friends, and an alien ship worth of Ridley Scott’s favourite nightmare fuel (although this is a little more James Cameron Aliens than Ridley Scott ones) but we are sure you can handle it.

Thursday is the VERY long awaited release of Psychonauts 2 for PlayStation and Xbox owners. Coming from Tim Schafer’s studio Double Fine (you know the guy who did pretty much every Lucasarts SCIMM game you loved) this is the kinda off the wall comedy adventure game that we love and you get to play this week.

Also in the adventure genre but more in the crime solving than humourous is Murder Mystery Machine coming for the Switch (Wednesday) and via Steam (Thursday). This one is making a familar jump from Apple Arcade to PC and Consoles this week but you would swear it was made for PC gamers first.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to…. you know when you have a game that is Myst-like? Why settle when the original Myst is getting an update and coming for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, AND the Oculus Quest this week. Whether you have played it a hundred times or just want to see what all the fuss is about this is worth your time when it drops on Friday.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Night Flight (Switch)
Magnus Failure (Switch)
The Maracot Deep (Steam)
Granny 3 (Steam)
In Flames (Steam)
Brick People (Steam)
Happy Farm Simulator (Steam)
Googass (Steam)
Shattered Reality (Steam)
Milena’s manor house (Steam)
Station Commander (Steam)
AimGoGoGo (Steam)
Heroes of Yore (Steam)
DeadLock (Steam)

Aliens Fireteam Elite (PS/XB)
King’s Bounty II Day One Edition (PS/XB/Switch)
Mickey Storm and the Cursed Mask (PS/Switch)
I Expect You To Die 2 (PSVR)
Neverwinter: Jewel of the North (PS)
Hoa (Switch)
UFO vs Bikini (Steam)
Magic defense 2: The Return of the Legend (Steam)
Rust ‘n Dust (Steam)
POG 5 (Steam)
Bird’s Eye (Steam)
RoboJep (Steam)
Mummy, mummy, mummy! (Steam)
Fling to the Finish (Steam)
PIXASSO 2 (Steam)
Treasure of Barracuda (Steam)
Jubilane (Steam)
G-MODEアーカイブス19 マジカルドロップDX (Steam)
Hoa (Steam)
Chicken Ranch (Steam)
King’s Bounty II (Steam)

RIMS Racing (XB)
Murder Mystery Machine (Switch)
Ki11er Clutter (Steam)
Wing Chun Pak Sung Bo Legends (Steam)
Fracture Hell (Steam)
Aliens: Fireteam Elite (Steam)
Freon (Steam)
Spellarium 7 – Match 3 Puzzle (Steam)
Calturin (Steam)
REVO (Steam)
The Daunting House (Steam)
Photo Puzzles HD (Steam)
Lake of Shadows (Steam)
War Of Gold (Steam)
Makber (Steam)
VGL: Imperative (Steam)
FGTeeV Goozy (Steam)
Shop Tycoon: Prepare your wallet (Steam)

Darker Skies (PS/XB)
Mask of Mists (XB)
Psychonauts 2 (PS/XB)
Pretty Girls Panic! (PS/Switch)
Star Hunter DX (PS)
Cape’s Escape Game 3rd Room (Switch)
Dark Thrones (Switch)
The Magnificent Trufflepigs (Switch)
Instant Farmer (Switch)
May’s Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville (Switch)
Have a Blast (Switch)
Garden Paws (Switch)
Wildbus (Switch)
Spelunky 2 (Switch)
Spelunky (Switch)
Green Phoenix (Switch)
Titans Black Ops (Switch)
Witch Hunter (Switch)
Hermitage: Strange Case Files (Switch)
Eternal Hope (Switch)
Secret Neighbor (Switch)
Off The Road Unleashed (Switch)
Bacteria Wars (Steam)
10th Corpse (Steam)
Space X Collector (Steam)
The Craft of the Samurai (Steam)
Everescape (Steam)
Hungry Dino (Steam)
Baklava Simulator (Steam)
Murder Mystery Machine (Steam)
DIY MY BOY (Steam)
深渊 (Steam)
VR stage dancer (Steam VR)
DIY MY BOY (Steam)
深渊 (Steam)
VR table tennis (Ping pong) (Steam VR)
Live Empire 2 (Steam)
Calculator and monsters (Steam)
Rabbit Hole (Steam)
Dungeon Clicker (Steam)
雨音スイッチ – Amane Switch – (Steam)
EFO: Escape From Outerworld (Steam)
Plunger Simulator (Steam)
Epiphany City: Prologue (Steam)
Bum Simulator (Steam)
Have a Blast (Steam)

American Fugitive (PS)
No More Heroes 3 (Switch)
Islanders (XB)
Mechstermination Force (XB)
Myst (XB/Steam VR)
Phoenotopia: Awakening (XB)
Star Hunter DX (XB)
Baldo the Guardian Owls (PS/Switch)
One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party (PS/Switch)
Apsulov: End of Gods (PS)
Inked: A Tale of Love (Switch)
Hammer 2 Reloaded (Switch)
Orbibot (Switch)
Rue (Steam)
BattleGrounds : War, Tanks And Nukes (Steam)
Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness (Steam)
Little Dog Bob (Steam)
Anarchy: Wolf’s law : Prologue (Steam)
Cats in Time (Steam)
Axis Football 2021 (Steam)
Stories of Mara (Steam)
Hot Tub Simulator (Steam)
Heart Lock: A Free Metroid Inspired Game (Steam)
Old Hunter (Steam)
Der Geisterjäger / The Ghost Hunter (Steam)
Witch Stone (Steam)
Captures (Steam)
Elmarion: the Lost Temple (Steam)
Watch Your Ride – Bicycle Game (Steam)
Medieval Shop Simulator (Steam)
Mightyy’s FPS Aim Trainer (Steam)
Whispers in the Dark (Steam)
Sprocket (Steam)
Spaceship War (Steam)
逆剑2 (Steam)
The Play’s the Thing (Steam)
パズルハムスター ~地球冒険記~ (Steam)
Rent’s Due: The Game (Steam)
Three Fairies’ Hoppin’ Flappin’ Great Journey! (Steam)
Assimilate! (A Party Game) (Steam)
Cyberdunk Anime Edition (Steam)
Impossible Simplified Cube (Steam)
Clockwork Dungeon (Steam)
Hop Step Sing! Happy People (Steam VR)
Tormented Souls (Steam)
Aptly Rolling (Steam)
Farm Kitten – Puzzle Pipes (Steam)
Zombie Killer Drift – Racing Survival (Steam)

Baldo the Guardian Owls (XB)
Mad Streets (XB)
One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party (XB)
Tanknarok (XB)
Space Station Sprint (XB)
Super Slam Dunk Touchdown (XB)
Zoffie (XB)
Qualia’s Sweets Craft (Steam)
Ziode Shadow (Steam)
Am Madness (Steam)
Ragtag Racing (Steam)
Foot Massage (Steam)
Ambush (Steam)
The Stone of God (Steam)
The Müll Littoral (Steam)
Silver Squad: Age of the Vortex (Steam)
Robo Go (Steam)
Iraq War (Steam)
The Forger (Steam)
13:ORIGIN – Prologue (Steam)
Путешествие паладина (Steam)
Dream Girls Collection (Steam)
Strings of Divinity | The Spell Plague (Steam)
S.P.A.T. (Steam)
Perseverance (Steam)
Jerma’s Big Adventure (Steam)
Strawberry Chocolate: Miner 8AD 4SS (Steam)
Dungeon Warriors (Steam)
一剑斩仙 (Steam)
Miracle Warrior of Mountains and Seas (Steam)
Idle Monkeylogy (Steam)
Ren the Summoner and the Erotic Dungeon (Steam)
Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home (Steam)
リアルタイムバトル将棋オンライン (Steam)