Movie Review – Reminiscence


It hasn’t been hard to lose track of big name films coming to cinemas over the last few months. With new restrictions and moving dates for films both here and internationally it’s possible there are a few films you may have seen the trailer for and forgotten or just seem to appear out of nowhere as far as you can remember. But if you think your memory is playing tricks on you perhaps the new Hugh Jackman film Reminiscence can help jog it.

Set in the not too distance future (but somewhat) Reminiscence takes play in the Miami/New Orleans where global warming has happened, the sea levels have risen, wars have been fought and now everyone is just looking to get along the best they can in a world where boat is the most common form of transportation.

Wolverine is one of the not quite out on his luck types but definitely heading in that direction, operating effectively what is a clinic for people who want to revisit their own memories. Not quite like Inception but rather more of a complicated machine that requires a guide/therapist, Logan learned the skill during the war where it was originally developed for interrogation but now is more for personal trips to happier times, finding the occasional lost keys and also some side gigs for the District Attorney where it is used for deposition.

While the trailers may lead down a certain path Reminiscence is more of a L.A Confidential like Detective Noir story with a Sci-Fi background right down to the monologue of never forgetting the first moment he saw her before Van Helsing is dropped down a rabbit hole as his love goes missing and he follows the white rabbit to find her again with memories serving as clues for the lovestruck Gumshoe.

While not the film we had thought going in there was some definite Westworld vibes coming out of it with assorted cast showing up in some pretty key roles. This is no accident with the film Writer/Director being a Writer/Producer of Westworld also. Given a little more time we could see this story actually occuring in the same world as the park with civil unrest, tensions with the rich ruling class of land barons and some decidedly advanced technology dropped right in the middle of it.

So should you go see it? While there are some action sequences and no shortage of exploring of the world this is definitely in the detective noir genre. If you are someone who likes the sound of if Memento and Gattaca had a baby then this is probably quite the tale for you as this is a detective story through and through, if you switch Detective with Brain Scanning Memory Therapist.

Reminiscence is out now for Cinemas across Australia so check your local if you are able to safely