Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Korg. I’m kind of a Minifig – LEGO Drop New Spider-Man No Way Home and Avengers Infinity Saga sets


Oh yes, of all the LEGO playsets you through you might get this probably was never even on your radar. LEGO has announced a playset for Thor, Korg and Mek eating pizza and playing Xbox in New Asgard. Officially titled Bro Thor’s New Asgard (probably because Thor vs N00bmaster69 is tied up in legal battles) the new set is tiny but everything we never knew we wanted.

One of multiple sets announced alongside 3 Spider-Man No Way Home sets ‘Bro Thor’ was created as part of the new Infinity Saga line. While we are still getting individual movie tie-in sets as proven by the No Way Home branded sets (2 of which are revisiting scenes from the first 2 Spidey MCU movies) and LEGO Marvel What-If line – the new Infinity Saga line will revisit scenes and sets from the entire canvas of the MCU from Iron Man to Endgame, the new line effectively replaced the previous LEGO Avengers sets.

Given LEGOs reputation for spoiling MCU films with sets we might cover the Thor set first. While the Spider-Man No Way Home isn’t that spoiler filled if you have managed to maintain your ability to go in cold you might want to just look at the first set (but don’t worry there is a bunch of spoiler filled Eternals sets starting to leak too).

Comprised entirely of Thor’s living room we get the shirtless beer swigging Thor with Thorbreaker who appeared in Endgame the set includes a shirtless Thor Minifig, Korg and the larvae like Mek. A relatively very small set coming in at under 265 pieces and a price tag of $49.95 to match the set has a ton of great easter eggs littered between the pizza boxes and empty beer bottles. While you can check it out for yourself some of our favourites include the Ragnarok era picture of Valkyrie on the wall and paused game on the TV – oh yes this comes with 2 LEGO Xbox controllers when it is released on August 1st.

The second set we need to talk about is the LEGO Spider-Man No Way Home set. As mentioned one of three sets (the other 2 being the Vulture Truck Heist and a Mysterio Battle from the other Spidey films) this one is undeniably set against the new film with it taking place in the Sanctum Sanctorum.

A much more open set unlike Thor’s it comes with Doctor Strange, Wong, Mary-Jane and a decidedly differently suited Spider-Man than appears in the other 2 sets. The new mini-fig suit seems to have some of the black and red colouring from the Far from Home suit but also gold parts similar to the Infinity War/End Game Iron Spider suit. Coming in at 355 pieces the set is is expected to be priced similarly for AUD before it’s release in October (currently only the $39.99 USD price is known).

While there has not been that many new LEGO sets with production and release delayed due to the pandemic we are absolutely certain that LEGO designers have been working at home with a lot of sets ready to go. We have only seen the one set for Black Widow (because we need a Taskmaster Minifig) but sets for the Shang-Chi Cage Match, The Eternals and maybe more for the Disney+ series might make this an expensive Christmas.

Bro Thor New Asgard is releasing August 1st for $49.95 and Spider-Man: No Way Home Sanctum Workshop is releasing October 1st for a yet to be set AUD price with both being available on soon.