This Week in Games: Apr 12 – 17


Pixel point and click adventure, bullet time twin-stick shooters, cardboard clouds, kung fu soccer and other sportsball are ahead of you for your gaming week this week. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Starting off your week with a little pixel adventure is The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark. The second adventure of the series is a standalone title (not requiring you to have already finished the first but picking up after) follows the Sierra style of adventure in a point and click title. You can get this for Steam (where you can also download a demo) or PlayStation on Thursday and Xbox on Friday.

Have you ever wanted to be a cloud? Bit weird but ok. This game was probably made with you in mind with Rain on Your Parade having you take control of a little carboard cloud to adventure across 50 levels of puzzles. Think Donut County but you are a cloud. You can play on Switch first on Wednesday or Steam and Xbox on Thursday.

Also first on Thursday is the bullet time top down shooter of Godstrike. There isn’t a lot here with it just coming down to you, a timed boss battle and exactly how good you are with a twin stick shooter. But this might just be the perfect title for your Switch when you are in the mood for some pew pew pew. Pick it up for Switch on Thursday but it is also available on Steam this Friday.

And rounding out your week is a little next gen sportsball gaming with MLB The Show 21 for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. If you are a fan of the Major League Baseball series you know what this is all about with more players and teams to update your roster for 2021. And also, if you pick this up on PlayStation, Sony are also donating $1 for every copy of the Deluxe edition sold to the Jackie Robinson Foundation. Get it on PlayStation this Friday with the Xbox edition out Saturday.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week KungFu Kickball out on Steam on Tuesday. The title does give this away but basically you use your mastery of Kung Fu to kick the ball to ring the other teams bell. Sound simple enough? Then you should have no trouble with this in a 1v1 or 2v2 online multiplayer mode without going completely super saiyan right?

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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PogoChamp (Steam)
Shadow Dreams (Steam)
Colorize Inspect (Steam)
Synthbiotic Dungeon (Steam)
CosmoDrive:Infinity (Steam)
Nigate Tale (Steam)
Deduction (Steam)
Kakele Online – MMORPG (Steam)
Super Retro Fighter (Steam)
Into The Eternal (Steam)
Endless Furry Asteroids (Steam)
Tank Quest (Steam)

Mortal Shell Enhanced Edition (XB/PS
Flappy Bat (Steam)
Inner Tao (Steam)
Gaslamp Cases: The deadly Machine (Steam)
PRISONER 17 (Steam)
Fruit Juice (Steam)
Survivors Viy : The Last (Steam)
DVOREC (Steam)
Monkey vs Dino (Steam)
Lair Hockey (Steam)
Curiosity (Steam)
Monster Seek Ep.1 (Steam)
Sato Dreams (Steam)
Village Defender (Steam)
PandaSG (Steam)
Island World (Steam)
Taoyuan Adventure (Steam)
Insiders (Steam)
The Gorcs’ Forge (Steam)
Tachyon Wars (Steam)
KungFu Kickball (Steam)
Dread X Collection: The Hunt (Steam)
Cutthroat Cove (Steam)
Demon Skin (Steam)
Endless Furry Ping-Pong (Steam)
Newton’s Life at Home – Pixel Art Jigsaw Puzzle (Steam)

Knight Squad 2 (XB/Switch)
Ravensword: Shadowlands (Switch)
Cannon Brawl (XB)
ReactorX (Switch)
Park Inc (Switch)
Kingdom of Arcadia (Switch)
Isolomus (Switch)
TASOMACHI: Behind the Twilight (Steam)
NovaMundi: The Spear of Chaquén (Steam)
Ultreïa: Prologue (Steam)
Fantasy Dungeon (Steam)
Avoid The Demons (Steam)
Avoid The Demons (Steam)
Poker Squadrons (Steam)
Nyaa-kuza!! (Steam)
Cat Knight (Steam)
Detective Riddles – Sherlock’s Heritage 2 (Steam)
1 Hop (Steam)
Second Star: Prelude (Steam)
Stone River (Steam)
Jumpin’ Tanks (Steam)

SaGa Frontier Remastered (PS/Switch)
Knigdom of Arcadia (XB)
The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa (XB)
The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark (Steam/PS)
Stitchy in Tookie Trouble (Switch)
Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami (Switch)
Dragon Audit (Switch)
Myastere -Ruins of Deazniff- (Switch)
Godstrike (Switch)
Relicta (Switch)
Team Troopers (Switch)
Rain on Your Parade (Switch)
Tools Up! The Renovation Spree Bundle (Switch)
Throw It! Animal Park (Switch)
Pocoyo Party (Switch)
Insights – Maniac Vortex (Steam)
Tactical Troops: Anthracite Shift (Steam)
Myastere -Ruins of Deazniff- (Steam)
Tanuki Justice (Steam)
Knight Squad 2 (Steam)
Horatio Goes Snowboarding (Steam)
Day Repeat Day (Steam)
One Day of an Insurance Agent (Steam)
Inside Soccer (Steam)
Blocksplode (Steam)
Shots fired in the Dark Forest (Steam)
Alchemist Memory (Steam)
Car Drive (Steam)
Anime Memory 0 (Steam)
Candy Memory (Steam)
He Needs His Medicine (Steam)
Rescue Operation (Steam)
Generals. Positional Warfare (Steam)
TaleSpire (Steam)
Forgotten Fields (Steam)
Sword’s Soul Duel (Steam)
Easter Riddles (Steam)
Zen Arts: Relaxing Pendulum Paint Simulator (Steam)
Bacon May Die (Steam)
仙剑奇侠传三 (Steam)
Sword and Fairy 3 Ex (Steam)
Sword And Fairy 2 (Steam)
Sword and Fairy (Steam)
来上大学吧! (Steam)
Polgar: Magic detective (Steam)
Kavel (Steam)
Mind Shadows (Steam)
Invisible Wings (Steam)
Voxel Tycoon (Steam)
Orbiterrion (Steam)

MLB® The Show™ 21 (PS)
HitchHiker (XB)
Rain on Your Parade (XB/Steam)
Savage Halloween (XB)
Sure Footing (XB)
The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark (XB)
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV (Switch)
Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition (Switch)
Rock ‘N Racing Bundle 3 in 1 (Switch)
Snowball Collections Bubble (Switch)
Heal: Console Edition (Switch)
Poison Control (Switch)
Armageddon Empires (Steam)
iBLiS (Steam)
Fast Food Manager (Steam)
Storm Tale 2 (Steam)
Ashwalkers (Steam)
Godstrike (Steam)
Resilience 2043 (Steam VR)
Nemesis: Race Against The Pandemic (Steam)
Cauldrons of War – Stalingrad (Steam)
Lunch Lady (Steam)
Flying Flogger (Steam)
SaGa Frontier Remastered (Steam)
Survive the Rift (Steam)
ZeroChance (Steam)
Sons of Ra (Steam)
Fight the Landlord (Steam)
Aria: Dragon Eater (Steam)
100 hidden cats (Steam)
Forest Farm (Steam VR)
Rogue Sentry (Steam)
Cube Space (Steam)
DuckMan (Steam)
The Corpsmen (Steam)
FireFly (Steam)
Crosswalks (Steam)
Laser Droplets (Steam)
EroPhone (Steam)
Kuguru (Steam)
The Space Between (Steam)
Crawler (Steam)
Mark & Lara: Partners In Justice (Steam)
Causality (Steam)
Eternity Protectors (Steam)
Tree Simulator 2022 (Steam)
Puzzletronics Digital Infinite (Steam)
Infinite Jump (Steam)
Samurai Chess (Steam)

Heal: Console Edition (XB)
MLB® The Show™ 21 (XB)
Super Meat Boy Forever (XB)
Tribal Pass (XB/Switch)
Country Discoverer (Steam)
Emily is Away <3 (Steam)
The Last Order: Dungeons (Steam)
Ghost Cash Collect (Steam)
Memento Infernum (Steam)
Crazy indian (Steam)
Gnomes: build and survive (Steam)
The Sunken Hero (Steam)
DuelVox: Max Quality (Steam)
Synthwave Hop (Steam)
Night Blade (Steam)
Burger Night (Steam)
Jacob The Farmer (Steam)
Manipulator I:The Hand Behind (Steam)
Drift Phonk 666 (Steam)
Chibi Wars Kinetic Novel (Steam)
Food Delivery Service (Steam)
Crazy Gravity (Steam)