New Loki Trailer brings a new Celestial, a new Agency and maybe some changes to Endgame


You might already be into the Zemo memes for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier but with only 6 episodes for the season and already at hitting the halfway mark you might be wondering – what’s next? Well, your saviour has arrived.

Overnight we got our second trailer for the new Loki series following the teaser released previously and this one does have some meat to it. We already know that the redeemed Loki we know from the main MCU timeline died at Thanos’ hands in Infinity War and that the series follows the post first Avengers Loki (prior to being jailed in Thor: The Dark World having stolen the Tesseract in Endgame. So what happens next?

Much like the Ancient One explained once the Infinity Gem of the Tesseract was moved (when taken by Loki) the timeline started to diverge. So while the Avengers protect the world from physical attacks and the sorcerer’s (who do not wear hats) defend from the mystical – who protects reality itself?

In the latest trailer we see the answer with Loki being taken into custody by the TVA who we assume the Time Variant Authority with Loki styling a ‘Variant’ jumpsuit while under arrest. As far as we can figure out the TVA is in charge of correcting the timeline and they are going to use Loki to do it, inserting him across history to return things to the normal flow of time.

It’s not all stealing money and jumping out of planes into the Bifrost here as there are some big bombshells throughout the trailer that you might need to go back and freeze on, including Loki sitting on a rock with a Red Head in a black combat suit on a Purple tinted planet. But the thing you might be wondering is who are the 3 hooded figures that we see early on in the trailer – while not confirmed we feel strongly that it is not 3 hooded figures but rather one single celestial – The Living Tribunal whose comic powers stem from reality warping (or in this case reality putting back together properly). With Gamora dead and then resurrected during Endgame, and Banner stating that Back to the Future is a bunch of Bulls*it, we do think that this series is going to do a lot to explain the rules of time in the MCU.

You can check out the full trailer below but what do you think? Are you hyped for the new Loki series? What is your theory as to the rules of time travel in the MCU? Do you think Loki will make a side trip to fix the continuity timeline error for Spider-Man: Homecoming? Let us know in the comments down below.

Loki will appear on Disney+ on June 11