This Week in Games: Apr 5 – 10


[preamble] But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

On Wednesday is a great day for anyone who loves aliens with their mouths sewn shut with Oddworld: Soulstorm being available through the Epic Game store on PC to go with the PlayStation release is actually also part of the PS+ for April with it being available for free for members for the PlayStation 5 edition. Following the formula of previous games Abe gains a new ability in being able to possess others as he aims to lead his people to freedom (even if they are a little lemmings like).

Also on Wednesday float your way through space in the adventure/survival of Breathedge. Out for PlayStation, Xbox and the Nintendo Switch this is a first person story of a simple guy trying to take his grandpa’s ashes to his funeral…. it just so happens to be set entirely in space and you are in a space suit floating through a massive space herse wreck.

Also on Wednesday comes another Kickstarter game come good with the rhythm action title UNBEATABLE [white label]. Tickling that Scott Pilgrim part of our brain this part adventure + part action game follows a video game/anime style that just makes us want to watch the show based on this (if there was one) too. It is coming ONLY to Steam this week.

Love a little animal crossing but wish it had more communing with the undead? Maybe you will want to check out Cozy Grove coming to the Switch on Thursday with Xbox and Steam releases this Friday. Explore the grove, find ghosts, complete quests for the undead but not in a nightmare fuel sort of way more like (as the developer says) Casper for Adults.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to What The Dub?! Fans of Mystery Science Theatre will know the concept but What the Dub is a party game that plays B-Movie films and let’s you sub in your own dialog that is read in the scene (using text to voice) allowing other players to vote on it ala Cards Against Humanity. Supporting up to 12 players the game has B-movies, outdated PSAs and some strange industrial instruction films – it also happens to be less than $10 to grab from the Xbox store on Friday but also coming for Playstation 4, the Switch and Steam.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

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Cyber Taxi (Switch)
Battle Guns Simulator (Steam)
Mariuccha Alchemy Queen (Steam)
Your Chronicle (Steam)
The Little Red Lie (Steam)
Set Café (Steam)
Hextones (Steam)

Lost Words: Beyond the Page (Switch)
Stacks on Stacks (On Stacks) (Switch)
Nether Nightmare (Steam)
Zombie Spectre (Steam)
Super Maze Labyrinth (Steam)
Tiddy Bounce (Steam)
Born Race (Steam)
I Make Saints (Steam Edition) (Steam)
Rounded Hills (Steam)
No Parachute (Steam)
Sea Battle: Annihilation (Steam)
Parallax Tunnel (Steam)
Life In Yima / 依玛村生活 (Steam)
Cute Honey 3 (Steam)
Employee:mika (Steam)
狗蛋神冒险:很傻很天真 (Steam)
Dungen (Steam)
Tatarian aster (Steam)
Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game (Steam)
Captain Coffer 2D (Steam)
The Wild Case (Steam)
The Slormancer (Steam)

Oddworld Soulstorm (PS/Epic Games Store)
Breathedge (PS/Switch/XB)
Lost Worlds: Beyond the Page (XB/Steam)
Star Wars Republic Commando (Switch)
Little Octopus (Steam)
Converter (Steam)
Smart Moves 2 (Steam)
Duck Creator (Steam)
Revolution: The Spark (Steam)
Lost Voice (Steam)
UNBEATABLE [white label] (Steam)
Ladder Box (Steam)
Internet Court (Steam)
Lab Rags (Steam)
Meat Beating: No More Horny (Steam)
Aron’s Adventure (Steam)

Luckslinger (XB)
Cozy Grove (Switch)
Always Sometimes Monsters (Switch)
Potion Party (Switch/Steam)
ISLAND (Switch)
Delicious! Oretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire (Switch)
Graviter (Switch/Steam)
Super Fowlst 2 (Switch)
What The Dub?! (Steam/Switch)
Pixel Game Maker Series Osyaberi! (Switch)
Sakura in Gameland (Switch)
Legends of Talia Arcadia (Switch)
Tactical Battle Chronicles: Prelude to a War (Steam)
Pacific Life (Steam)
ChessBase 16 Steam Edition (Steam)
Race On Ice 2021 Pro (Steam)
Daenerys Miracle (Steam)
L.S.D.: Prologue to Lasting Spiritual Derangement (Steam)
Steel Salvo (Steam)
Little Monkeys Eat Bananas (Steam)
CrateTastrophe (Steam)
Secrets of Egypt (Steam)
a guard walks into a tavern (Steam)
(Steam VR)
8Doors: Arum’s Afterlife Adventure (Steam)
Sky Goddess Ⅱ (Steam)
Space Slurpies (Steam VR)
Space Ape (Steam)
times infinity (Steam)
In Marte – The First Moon (Steam)
Before Your Eyes (Steam)
Traffic Jams (Steam VR)
CyberNEON (Steam)
Trial Of Destiny (Steam)
Across the Obelisk (Steam)
In My Shadow (Steam)

Cozy Grove (XB/Steam)
What the Dub?! (XB)
Mortal Shell (XB/PS)
Say No! More (Switch)
Luckslinger (Switch)
The House in Fat Morgana (Switch)
Yoko & Yuki: Dr Rat’s Revenge (Switch)
Skyland: Heart of Mountain (Switch)
Toree 3D (Switch)
Gravity Heroes (Switch)
Candy Match Kiddies (Switch)
Buildodge (Steam)
Lux mina (Steam)
Memento Vivere (Steam)
Viking Vengeance (Steam)
Becoming (Steam)
First Class Trouble (Steam)
Little drift (Steam)
Archer boy (Steam)
Piozila (Steam)
Space Fuel (Steam)
Recapture the Castle (Steam)
Speedy Gun Savage (Steam VR)
The Unmarked (Steam)
ShemHaMephorash (Steam)
Dragon Hunters (Steam)
Dojoran – Steam Edition (Steam)
Tower of Waifus (Steam)

Ravensword: Shadowlands (XB)
Skyland: Heart of the Mountain (XB)
Yoko & Yuki: Dr Rat’s Revenge (XB)
.cat (Switch)
Path of Insanity (Steam)
Diorama Tower Defense: Tiny Kingdom (Prologue) (Steam)
Descending I – House of Nightmares (Steam VR)
Pixel Art Coloring Book (Steam)
Dark facets (Steam)
Fish Feast (Steam)
Super Vili (Steam)
The Cryptologist Room (Steam)
Angry Giant (Steam)
MAZE: A VR Adventure (Steam VR)
Halloween Memory (Steam)
Theofil (Steam)
Battle Cat vs Treacherous Mice (Steam)
Hopeless Dregs (Steam)
To Save Humanity From Virus (Steam)
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV (Steam)
Cions of Vega (Steam)CARNAL (Steam)
Exorcised (Steam)
Freyr’s Love (Steam)
Girls in Glasses (Steam)
Say No! More (Steam)
Hundreds of Mysteries Season1 (Steam)
Poetry, wine and sword (Steam)
银魂:Silver Soul (Steam)
Sentinel: Cursed Knight (Steam)
Idle Poker (Steam)
Puzzle & Chess (Steam)
Bomb Escape (Steam)
Agoraphobia “Knock Knock” (Steam)
FutureKreate (Steam)