Valiant Comics Bloodshot Adaption drops a Trailer out of no where


There has been a lot going on recently, with the first 3 phases of the MCU wrapping up with Endgame becoming the biggest grossing film of all time, a ton of new films and shows being announced as part of NYCC and SDCC we somehow managed to miss that a big screen adaption of the Bloodshot comic was in the works. And it looks pretty good.

For the uninitiated Bloodshot is a Valiant Comics series by Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin (who has also worked on Moon Knight and Ghost Rider), and Bob Layton (Iron Man). Spinning out from the Eternal Warriors series also from Valiant, Bloodshot is one of their highest selling characters. The TLDR of the series is basically a former solider is injected with nanites that let him regenerate and is manipulated to be an assassin by a secret government agency.

Basically Wolverine with Universal Solider with a little Alias thrown in.

To be honest the trailer does a lot better job of explaining it which you can check out below. While we hadn’t even considered a Bloodshot movie before Vin Diesel seems oddly perfect from what we can see in the trailer with Guy Pierce returning to his Iron Man 3 roots as the main villain.

You can check out the full trailer below and make sure you head to the comments below to tell us what you think. Are you hyped for the Bloodshot big screen adaption? Do you think this might be the start of the Valiant Comics Cinematic Universe? What other lesser-known series should be given the big screen treatment? When will Ambush Bug finally get his own flick? Let us know in the comments down below.

Bloodshot is currently set for release early 2020