Why you should be watching Archer


What is it?

Archer is the animated adventures of Sterling Archer, the Greatest Secret Agent ever to have lived. At least that is what tells people when has been drinking. Which is most of the time. Seriously, the guy lives on half a bottle of Scotch and a handful of Gummi Bears.

Wait, What?

Well, it’s not exactly Rick and Morty but there is definitely a contest here for most questionable life choices. Archer is the brainchild of the creators of Frisky Dingo, another animated series about a Supervillain which also first appeared on Cartoon Network Adult Swim.

Following the same, less is more animation style Archer is a series about a cast of characters who all work for the same freelance Intelligence Agency called, something we won’t name here because we don’t want to end up on a watch list but let’s say they renamed it later in the series.

Archer is the son of the proprietor of Isi… oops, nearly said it, the Agency Mallory Archer an ex-Spy who contracts out to the CIA using her workforce consisting of Lana (Archers Ex and also a Spy), Cyril the head accountant who is dating Lana, Pam the head of PR, Cheryl or Carol or Cristal (depending on how she is feeling that day) who is Mallory’s secretary and quite a few more.

As you can assume missions seldom go as planned with Archer (codename Dutchess after Mallory’s favourite dog) trying winning through failing such as falsifying expense reports but finding a mole after creating a rumour of a mole to cover up falsifying expense reports. It’s a sort of mix of Ricky and Morty if you only used the sexual innuendo jokes, the Office and James Bond. Except with the occasional appearance of Kenny Loggins and Burt Reynolds.

How do I get into it?

The 10th Season is about to premiere with the previous 9 seasons already up on Netflix ready for you to binge now with Season 10 about to begin on Foxtel for Australia.

While there are definitely some threads that are returned to Seasons 8, 9 and 10 have been more of a ‘What if’ story with each season taking the cast back to the 1940s, on a Tropical Island and the current season Space – not in a time travel kind of way more of a fantasy, possible live ending coma type of way.

Don’t worry, once you get into it you will care way more about the characters than the if Sterling Archer’s father is secretly the head of the KGB who may be killed by a rival of Archer’s who was brought back from the dead by Soviets as a Cyborg.

Watch it if you like…

James Bond, Rick and Morty, Bob’s Burgers, being able to annoy your friends with Quotes from your favourite animated series as memes and the Soundtrack of Top Gun.