Macross Cockpit is the Robotech Collectors Diorama of their Dreams


While Transformers still is #1 in our hearts when it comes to giant robots the Robotech Macross Saga isn’t far behind. Rick Hunters Jet that would transformer into a Robot was one of our favourite childhood toys but now we might have found something cooler.

While it is sold out worldwide, a handful of these Robotech Macross Cockpit Dioramas are coming into the country this month for you to get your hands on. This stunning (but pricey) 1:6 scale is a must-have for a Robotech collector and not just because of the Rick Hunter Action Figure with accessories.

The small diorama has over 30 LED lights spread across the pilot console which have a number of special effects to provide different animation PLUS a tiny 2.2″ LCD screen that allows pre-installed video clip playback. If that isn’t enough for you the cockpit also can act as a Bluetooth speaker with a 1x centre and 2 x main channel speakers + a subwoofer.

As mentioned this has already sold out worldwide with only 300 of these being made even at the $2499.99 RRP price tag. But thanks to a tip-off we know that Hot Gifts & Collectables in Victoria’s Highpoint Shopping Centre are the lucky store to have some of these.

Now you just need the rest of the Valkyrie.

Andrew B

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