Stan picks up Disney Streaming rights


Since the cancellation of Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage from Netflix we have been waiting for an announcement as to the future of Disney streaming. While we know that Disney are pulling movies from Netflix in the US and intent on it’s own streaming service next year, Disney+, we have been waiting for some official words about what this means for streaming in Australia. Today another part of that puzzle is revealed.

Announced yesterday and taking effect today Stan Australia (the Foxtel aligned streaming service) has gained streaming rights to a very large chunk of Disney Movies and TV shows. We are talking animated Disney, some Marvel movies, Star Wars Rebels and The Last Jedi, and a hell of a lot more.

This move does make a lot of sense with Disney and Foxtel’s relationship being more of a distributor than content manager. Historically part of the reason why we have such a hard time confirming upcoming details from Foxtel is that the content owner carries a lot of control of when things go up on the service. And with Disney already having a Disney Channel on Foxtel for Australia and with the move to streaming this seems like a logical expansion of the existing relationship.

Does this mean we will see everything Disney+ on Stan? We will have to find out as we go as information is very limited. It is not hard to imagine that the Mandalorian will show up on Stan for Australian streaming if the Disney+ service does not replace it on launch, but don’t expect to see the Defenders any time soon. As part of the Netflix deal, any cancelled shows carry a condition not to be shown on any other streaming service for 2 years after. This means 2020 for Daredevil and shows like Punisher and Jessica Jones who have new seasons next year at best would be 2021.

When will we know more? As soon as we know something concrete we will make sure you know too. But for now, if you were hoping to start rewatching a Marvel movie a week leading up to End Game you might have to pick up a Stan Subscription.