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Happy Holidays Everybody! While all your favourite Marvel properties are either stranded in space or are now arch enemies with dust bunnies, our favourite Merc with a mouth has returned fresh and ready after the Disney/Fox deal to make sure you know he’s ready to enter the MCU.For those who don’t know Deadpool, aka “Oh god oh god why is that burn victim stabbing that other guy in the face? I thought this was a family friendly Marvel movie for my 7-year-Olds to this” is back with a new movie… Well, a new cut of his second movie, so Deadpool 2.5… Well, technically there was already another cut of that so Deadpool 2.75. Maybe we should have used fractions.

Once Upon a Deadpool is the family-friendly, princess bride edition of Deadpool 2. Swapping out the R rating for a PG one the only F-bomb dropped is in this cut is Fred Savage. While still largely the same movie as Deadpool 2 the new cut adds a commentary track type overlay on the film allowing for Deadpool (reading the film to Fred Savage) is able to jump out of the film for exposition.

Aside from this, the plot for the film remains the same with the unkillable assassin looking to join his recently departed ladylove in the afterlife but unable to with his pesky healing factor getting in the way. A heartbreak turns into a Superhero fight movie with Deadpool vs. Thanos/Cable. And then an X-Force team up movie. Honestly, if you are on this site you probably already saw Deadpool 2 and are just here for the big question.

What divides an R Marvel movie from a PG you ask?

You know how Captain America can not be R rated while shooting a whole lot of people in WW2 without any blood splatter and makes zero jokes about cocaine use (outside the Directors Cut)? Now you know.

The actual differences are still a bit more than that will a number of scenes (or deaths) cut away or just bloodless as dropping a house on the Wicked Witch of the East. With the removal of these tiny cuts and the addition of Fred Savage what we end up with is a movie with the exact same runtime as the original. A lot of the bigger Deadpool carnage scenes such as the Sumo Spa swordfights are gone but most scenes that featured CGI blood still remain, just minus the CGI blood. Which when you watch it without you really get an appreciation for how much blood is in a Deadpool movie.

So should you go see it? If you saw the original cut that is a complicated answer, but if you haven’t rewatched Deadpool 2 in a while and have a thing for movies about guys in red suits around Christmas then sure. While this isn’t a new film it does have some Fred Savage/Deadpool riffing which makes this worth another watch.

Besides, do you really need an excuse to see another Deadpool movie? We didn’t think so.

Once Upon a Deadpool is in Cinemas across Australia right now

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