Avengers 4: End Game Teaser Trailer hits the Interwebs


It’s been a long journey to get here. 21 films across 11 years, if are including Captain Marvel but the final Avengers film trailer has dropped and we get a glimpse of the end game.

Right now, if you want to go into Avengers 4 cold then head down to your bunker now and cut off all contact with the outside world because from here on out, things are going to get real. If you can handle some Avengers 4 details before walking into the cinema in April then hold on because the new trailer confirms more than just a beardless Captain America.

Right from the get-go it is clear that we are living in a post-snap world. Tony Stark is adrift in space trying to return to earth (perhaps abandoned by Nebula?) and half of the universe has been blinked out of existence by Thanos in Infinity War. But while the trailer does give a lot it, it only gives us a confirmation to go with the leaked set pictures we have seen so far.

As far as confirmations go we are treated to Hawkeye’s return in whats to be his Ronin alter-ego from the comics as well as Scott Lang showing up after presumed dusted (who we already suspected to play a big part in the next Avengers). The big news is the name of the film with Tony Stark’s message in a bottle/helmet at the beginning of the teaser reminding us to be prepared for an end, it is really nailed home with the title – End Game.

If you aren’t in your faraday cage/doomsday bunker then you are probably best off watching the trailer which you can below. With this only being a teaser and the film being 4 months away we can expect more probably the other side of Christmas. Until then, let the wild speculation commence and let us know what easter eggs you spy in the comments down below.

Avengers: End Game is heading for a worldwide release in April 2019.