Captain Marvel’s newest Trailer includes more Grandma Punching


It’s a big week with the next part of Infinity War trailer due out tomorrow. Marvel decided today was a good day to remind us that Captain Marvel is coming (like we needed a reminder).

The new trailer gives us a ton of new details including more origin for Carol Danvers so if you want to go into the new film cold, stop reading now. Still with us? Ok.

Anyone who has watched Agents of SHIELD will already know the Kree/Human origin of Earth’s Inhumans through experimentation on Humans and a lot of the new trailer seems to focus on Carol being subjected to the same after being taken from Earth and then returning. Not quite the E.T. phone home scenario the new film will focus on the Skrull/Kree war through a Skrull Invasion which we saw in the comics as part of the Secret Invasion where a number of Earth’s Heroes were replaced with the shape-changing Skrulls.

You can check out the full trailer below with all it’s Flarking goodness but then tell us what you think. Are you excited for Captain Marvel? Do you think Chewie should get his own Netflix series now that Daredevil is no more? Does the appearance of the Skrulls into the MCU in the 90s mean that some of the heroes dusted in IW were actually Skrulls? Tell us in the comments down below!

Captain Marvel land in Australian Cinemas March 7th, 2019.