James Gunn confirmed by DC as Suicide Squad 2 Writer


It hasn’t been the best time for Guardians of the Galaxy fans with James Gunn being abruptly removed from Guardians earlier this year. Even with the fan petition passing 400k (and still climbing), Disney execs have said on interviews even recently that it is unlikely they will re-hire Gunn for GotG3. But Marvel’s loss is DC’s gain with it being officially announced today that James Gunn will be writing the script for Suicide Squad 2.

Rumours were flying yesterday but only today was it confirmed officially through the DC daily Youtube show. The first Suicide Squad while giving us big screen Harley Quinn who is also slated to be in the Birds of Prey movie in 2020 along with Ramona Flowers/Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Huntress, it did lack some zing which Gunn has no lack of.

At present Gunn is only slated to write the script but Drax/Dave Batista has already tweeted his excitement and would gladly join his former director. Suicide Squad 2 while a continuation of the series it is not confirmed as a continuation of the first which may give Gunn more creative license to soft-reboot the franchise.

All in all, great confirmed news for DC fans but not so much for Marvel. At least Sean Gunn has gone on record saying that the currently on hold GotG3 is looking to go ahead with James Gunn’s script.