Where to watch new Doctor Who from Today (or Right Now)


It’s finally here, it’s New Doctor Who Day! But with the new series comes a new day for Who moving from the previous Sunday to Mondays. While we love new Who in all forms this new timeslot might not work for everyone struggling to get home from work, so what are the best ways to watch the new season premiere?


Yes! You can watch Doctor Who on your TV set from 5:55 PM local in every Australian State on ABC Digital and ABC HD channels. If you do watch via your TV you have the extra bonus of being able to watch the ABC Doctor Who aftershow – Whovians right after.

In Cinemas

For the premiere of the new season, you will be able to watch the hour-long episode in cinemas tonight. Which cinemas? A lot! You can check your local cinema for screenings but there is a full list of cinemas here. But there is only one screening so don’t put off getting a ticket.


Can’t wait til a screening tonight? Not going to be home by 5:55? Can’t wait until tonight? You can watch the latest episode on ABC iView right now. Every new Doctor Who episode is being released on iView first at 5.45 AM right after the UK screening.

Not only can you watch new Who on iView but the animated Tom Baker Radio adaption Doctor Who: Shada and the animated adaption of the lost episode The Power of the Daleks are both also up on iView right now after previously being in cinemas if you need a classic Who fix right after.

And that’s it! The new Season of Doctor Who starts today with a new Doctor over the next 10 weeks with a Christmas episode planned (a bit shorter than previous seasons), so grab your sonic and put on your hoodie as it’s time to meet the new Doctor.