NYCC 2018 Weekend Wrap-up


The 2018 New York Comic-Con has come and gone and while not as big as SDCC there is still lots of bite-sized pieces of news and we are here to give you all the enormous news and announcements about your favourite and most anticipated movies, TV, games and comics!


  • Lots of Aquaman out of NYCC starting with a poster followed by the next full trailer which looks like the new film will be borrowing from the Geoff John’s New52 run of Aquaman
  • Not quite NYCC news but Chris Evans also tweeted about shooting his final Captain America scene for Infinity War Part 2 which is a little spoiler’y but not unexpected and the only Infinity War news this weekend after the film side of the MCU skipped SDCC entirely
  • Some banner art for the new Hellboy movie appeared and a trailer was shown in a closed room at NYCC, descriptions are available but we hope the trailer isn’t far with the release due early next year
  • Peter Jackson’s new film about motorised cities attacking each other in the wastelands, Mortal Engines got a second trailer
  • Milla Jovovich confirmed as part of the Monster Hunter adaption
  • A Teaser poster for the cinema re-release of Beetlejuice popped up
  • How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World got some exclusive for NYCC footage released


  • Harley Quinn animated series trailer dropped with other announcements for DC Universe including Brendan Fraser being cast Robotman in Doom Patrol and the Titans live-action series already being renewed for a second season. DC Universe is still only available in the US but the Titans series has been confirmed to jump to Netflix for Australia
  • Also in DC Universe streaming news was Season 2 of Krypton is jumping from the SYFY channel to DC Universe. We don’t know what impact that has on distribution to SYFY Australia yet but SYFY did post the first look at Lobo for the next season
  • A second longer trailer for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina dropped giving more idea as to the story behind the new series to go with the info we got with the first trailer
  • Another new trailer dropped for Netflix Daredevil Season 3 which is on Netflix ANZ from October 19 which looks to be a Bullseye
  • The upcoming Rooster Teeth American Anime Gen:LOCK with Michael B Jordan, Dakota Fanning, David Tennant and more got a teaser poster to go with the preview at NYCC
  • The 4 episode long new Star Trek Discovery spin-off for streaming “Short Treks” launched by it was confirmed it will not be carried by Netflix as intended to be as bonus short webisodes for the US NBC network subscribers to their online platform (at this point) + there was a new Season 2 Trailer with more Spock
  • The Jon Favreau Star Wars live action TV series got more details and an image
  • Netflix/Dreamworks released a Season 1 Trailer for She-Ra
  • Dreamworks also quietly dropped the Season 8 trailer for Voltron
  • American Gods Season 2 trailer dropped for Amazon
  • The first trailer/look at the adaption of Garth Ennis’ The Boys
  • The Marvel’s Runaways panel showed Topher from the comics joining for Season 2 plus a trailer for the new season
  • Netflix Dragon Prince is getting a Season 2 in 2019
  • The Terry Pratchett/Neil Gaiman Good Omen‘s adaption on Amazon Prime got a teaser trailer with David Tennant and Michael Sheen
  • A new sneak peak for the new season of The Magicians (this is a sleeper series that starts slow then a lot happens if you haven’t seen it)
  • The final season of Gotham teased and confirmed Bane
  • A new Kung Fu Panda series is underway with a trailer
  • HAPPY! Season 2 trailer dropped for NYCC, it’s blocked outside the US but we got you covered. We expect this to appear on Netflix where Season One currently is for Australia
  • The Russo Bros TV series teased at SDCC got a trailer – Deadly Class


  • Young Justice is getting a new series under the Bendis lead DC Teen imprint along with Wonder Twins and Dial H for Hero
  • Bendis is also running Wonder Comics with Ginny Hex, The Great-Great-Granddaughter of Jonah
  • Young Justice is returning with Connor, Tim and Bart for DC Comics also under Bendis.
  • New Skrull related title coming from Marvel in February
  • Robert Kirkman’s Outcast will be ending on issue #48
  • Titan Comics (publishers of Doctor Who comics and other licenses) is running with a sequel to Blade Runner 2049
  • Tom Taylor will be writing a new Spider-series Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man and a number of other new spider-books are on the way
  • Donny Cate’s Frank Castle/Cosmic Ghost Rider is joining the Guardians of the Galaxy with Donny Cates taking over GoTG in January with #1
  • There will be a Flash: Year One story in 2019
  • Young Avengers will also return to print in 2019
  • PS4 Spider-Man will be part of the continuity with Spider-Geddon that brings various Spider-Men from Spider-Verse to Earth-616
  • DC will publish comics based on RWBY and the Rooster Teeth GEN:Lock next year
  • Black Widow will get her own book again in 2019
  • Marvel’s ‘Champions’ will relaunch in 2019 as ‘Legion of Superheroes for MARVEL’ in case you confuse it with the other Legion of Superheroes
  • With the Darth Vader VR game announced this week a new 5 part POV comic series was also announced at NYCC



Be sure to check back in here with us again tomorrow, where we bring you our wrap-up of the SDCC weekend!