The new She-Ra Season 1 Trailer gives us our biggest look at the new Princess of Power


With the Netflix Dreamwork’s Voltron wrapping up with a final season soon (you should watch it, it’s really good) it’s a good thing that we only have a few short weeks before the new She-Ra series is going to give us a new thing from our childhood to obsess over.

We had already seen some key art from the new show with the reworked title of ‘and Princesses of Power’ over the original series straight up ‘Princess of Power’ but the new season one trailer dropped by Netflix and Dreamworks today is our biggest look for the new series yet.

More of a season trailer than just a straight up trailer we get more of a feeling for the story of the new show as Amora/She-Ra starts in the ranks of Hordak’s army. But we are also left with more questions as we see Amora take up the sword but then comments on how suddenly she is wearing a tiara without so much as a For the Honor of Greyskull. Does Greyskull exist in the new series? These are things we must know!

You can watch the full trailer below but what do you think? Are you sad for the end of Voltron? Are you looking forward to the new She-Ra? What other properties from your childhood should get the Dreamworks/Netflix treatment? Let us know in the comments down below.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power starts on Netflix Australia on November 16th