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With the world constantly bombarding you with information from social media, outrage clickbait and news of every flavour it is hard to remember a world before the electronic ages where the world was much smaller. So the new film Alpha due out in cinemas today might be a welcome holiday.

Taking you back, way-way back to 20,000 years ago in the late Paleolithic Alpha follows a member of a tribe of early humans. Following a new hunter for the tribe, the chiefs son Keda (Adelaide born Kodi Smit-McPhee who you may know as Nightcrawler from Days of Future Past) is taken on his first hunt which is to see the tribe through its next winter. Shot against some visually striking nature Alpha is a balance between an IMAX National Geographic documentary and some brutal but occasional shots that would make 300 era Zack Synder jealous.

After a mishap during the hunt, Keda is separated from his father the chief played by Game of Thrones/Atomic Blonde actor Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson. What follows is Keda alone making his way back to his tribe as a lone hunter surviving elements and predators. And… that is probably as much as we can tell you without spoiling the story. This film has a very straightforward plot being set before Infinity Stones, Heists, Kung Fu and Bullet Time and while we could tell you a little more it really might spoil to journey for you (but there is more to it).

As mentioned before the film is set against a gorgeous backdrop with the only thing missing from it being a Richard Attenborough or Morgan Freeman narration. Which is important to know as originally due for release in 2017 Alpha has not had a smooth journey to the box office. The film, set before the English language goes authentic in not only NOT having the characters speak English or transition into English with some Sean Connery/Hunt For Red October’ish reading. The film is completely subtitled, using not only not English but a language completely created for the film originally had Morgan Freeman cast in the role of narrator which did not make it into the final cut.

So should you go see it? If you are a fan of survival stories, medieval or tribal type civilisation and love an epic brutal shot then this is a great movie choice. If you are able to see this film on an IMAX or Stadium seating screen then absolutely do so for the most impact. While completely subtitled and much delayed Alpha is still a great film but definitely not your usual popcorn flick choice.

Alpha is in Cinemas around Australia from today.

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