Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales get animated with the new Enter the Spider-Verse Trailer


Between Spidey only just getting back into the MCU and the teaser in last year’s PlayStation E3  Spider-Man trailer, some fans have been wondering when we will see the Ultimate Spider-Man universe Spider-Man, Miles Morales take centre stage. And overnight we got that answer and a release date, it just may not be the way everyone was expecting.

For non-Spider-Man comic readers Miles Morales was the Spider-Man of Universe-1610 who took up the mantle of Spider-Man after the Peter Parker of that Universe died. Filling the void temporarily the same until he took up the Red and Black costume given to him by that universe’s Spider-Woman who was a clone of Peter Parker made by Doc Ock (OK yeah.. the Ultimate universe was a little more out there but it was pretty awesome, check out the collected series by Brian Michael Bendis if you want more).

Announced last year, this is the first trailer we have seen of the new animated feature centred around Miles. Definitely taking some turns from the original story line (Peter Parker not being dead, his Dad not being a SHIELD agent), the title and from what we see in the trailer seems to follow more the Ultimate Spider-Man/Into the Spider-Verse series written by outgoing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott. In that series Spidey teams up and hops dimensions meeting and teaming up with alternate versions of himself including, Spider-Woman Gwen Stacy. Gamers might already be familiar with the alternate dimension Spidey universes through the 2010 game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.

But enough from us, you can check out the full trailer below which looks awesome using a style we have not seen the wallcrawler in before. While we don’t know if the comic book flashes we see are just for the trailer, we are definitely digging it and hope it is in the full movie. But what about you? Are you keen for Miles to be on the big screen? Are you hoping this might lead to a Spider-Gwen spin off? Tell us in the comments below.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is due for digital distribution on the 14th of December this year.