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In 2001 at the height of reboots and remakes hitting the box office with the likes of The Italian Job and Godzilla, Men in Black director Steven Soderbergh dared to bring us something different.. a reboot that actually improved on the original.

Ocean’s Eleven, the George Clooney/Brad Pitt one not the Rat Pack one, brought together a whose who cast of Hollywood at the time for a heist movie that did not rely on it’s cast but was actually good. Now 17 years and two sequels later, Ocean’s 8 is the all female spin-off hitting cinemas so how does it stand up and will it be able to steal your money for a ticket.

The latest movie is, as mentioned, no a reboot. With beyond amble references to the Clooney’s Eleven (which is how we will refer to the Ocean’s Eleven movie franchise as not to confuse it with the 1960’s one) put the new film squarely in the spin-off territory. Our main antagonist is Danny Ocean’s (George Clooney) sister, Danielle.. I mean Debbie Ocean. Recently released from prison and looking for a big score and to get even.

If you are remotely familiar with the first Clooney’s Eleven then you can probably guess how the plot works from here as Debbie (Sandra Bullock) and her partner Dusty, err… Lou (Cate Blanchett) go through their recruiting to pull of a diamond heist as part of an exclusive party at the New York Met Gallery. Which also explains how the end credits have a list of celebrities “appearing as themselves” longer than the actual film casting.

While there are a number of elements that make this film an enjoyable break from the DC/Marvel slate it does heavily try to imitate the original with the music and transitions. While there is definitely some enjoyable pairing of the leads, the ample references to the original movie with Danny Ocean do tend to force you to compare it to Clooney’s Eleven.

So should you go see it? If you need a break from the Deadpools and Infinity Wars and just looking for something to cleanse your movie palette then Ocean’s 8 is definitely that. This new instalment makes sure you have no illusion that it is not a reboot of the first rebooted Ocean’s Eleven, and while we feel like it is unlikely it will get a sequel it definitely does allow for the possibly of a team up later on in Ocean’s 19.

Ocean’s 8 is in cinemas across Australia from today.

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