Do you want to teach PlayStation’s new CyberLife Android how not to be Evil?


Ok we might not have to worry about the 3 laws of robotics just yet but last night PlayStation Australia has put out the call for volunteers for a social experiment to train their new CyberLife Android.

You don’t have to worry about Skynet just yet but this is part of a tie in with the upcoming release of Detroit: Become Human releasing next week. The call put out on Airtasker will no doubt be part of some promotion before the games’ release but to give you an idea of some of the tasks expected of the selected applicant:

  • Teaching our android to perform basic tasks correctly
  • Minding our android whilst they integrate with society
  • Troubleshooting android responses to simple instructions
  • Recording the reactions of members of the public on meeting our android

The listing is up right now for anyone who wants to apply but the location is limited to Sydney. If you do apply just remember to put in a good word for our eventual robot overlords for us.