Lost in Space Reboot heads to Netflix in April


Netflix has been dominating online streaming lately with the number of original movies and TV shows it has been pumping out. With quality shows like Star Trek Discovery and Riverdale we are looking forward to what they can do with the next big show to hit your laptop, Lost in Space.

Lost in Space for anyone not familiar is the Swiss Family Robinson story in space. Earth is dying and explorers are sent out into space to find new habitable planets, but something goes wrong in the initial flight and the Robinson family ends up being lost in space. While the new trailer and briefs on the series seems to follow the classic story line this update looks to do what Discovery did for Trek in terms of quality (sans Matt LeBlanc and a CGI Monkey).

Scheduled for release to Netflix in April today we got our first real good look with the trailer dropping on YouTube overnight. Not giving too much away, but definitely getting our hopes up, we can see a lot of the Robinson cast but still leaving some surprises for later trailers or the series like the Robot and more importantly Dr. Smith played by Parker Posey.

You can catch the full trailer out below but what do you think? Are you looking forward to more adventures with the Robinson family? Have you almost given up on regular TV for Netflix alone? Do you think the update needs more Apollo 440 remix? Let us know in the comments down below.

Lost in Space hits Netflix April 13th.