Atlas Rising: No Man’s Sky Patch 1.3


Over the last year, Hello Games has released a series of expansions and updates that have drastically changed the way some gamers are looking at the game and gone a long way to improve the beleaguered games’ status. Patch 1.3 entitled ‘Atlas Rising’ takes the year’s improvements to a new level and raises the bar yet again, making No Man’s Sky a title worth paying attention to once again.

The foundation and Pathfinder updates offered new additions such as base building, farming, improved economic structures, and perhaps most exciting…land vehicles to make your planet side travels quicker and more exciting.

The 1.3 patch entitled Atlas Rising ads a host of new features that when combined with previous major updates address a number of the concerns expressed by gamers on the game’s launch last year.

Introduced is 30 hours of storyline intended to grow the world and build upon what some felt was a barely existent fiction underlying the game’s procedural mechanics. Along with this content comes a much improved navigation system allowing players to mark places on the galactic map to make return voyages possible and easy.

Planetary flight has received a massive improvement allowing for close to the ground precision flying. You can finally do the canyon trench runs you probably wanted to at the outset, but frustratingly couldn’t.

Finally and perhaps for many most important, Hello Games has introduced the first bare bones implementation of true multiplayer allowing for multiplayer chat and coexistence in the same space, albeit with other players visualised as strange wisps a-la World of Warcraft. While still not what those seeking meaningful multiplayer were looking for, it’s a giant step in the right direction.

While many feel that promises were broken in the release of No Man’s Sky this is perhaps one of the biggest made and Hello Games has been true to their word. Big new updates. Game changing…um changes. All completely free to those who’ve bought the game.

One year later, No Man’s Sky continues to develop with completely free updates and brand new content and the players appear to be responding. Player reviews are shifting with the latest Player Review score on Steam having made a dramatic shift from Mostly Negative to Mostly Positive.

No Man’s Sky update 1.3 is available now on PS4 and PC editions for anyone who has already purchased the game, for anyone wanting to try it for the first time with these updates you can find it discounted since release on both Steam and the PlayStation store (or even cheaper 2nd hand at your local favourite game store)…and if you’d like, feel free to use our Humble Bundle link.

So what’d you think? Did you buy the game a year ago? Will you give No Man’s Sky another chance, and if you didn’t buy it the first time…will you give it a chance now? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Nah, no second chances from me. The developers straight up lied to their audience and I’m amazed they didn’t face legal consequences for it. Still, guess I can be glad for those folks who didn’t cash in a refund, maybe they’ll get their money’s worth.

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