The next Australian Reality TV Show will be all about League of Legends


Announced by stealth today with a site going up asking for applications, The Next Gamer looks to be where eSports and reality shows meet.

Sponsored by Intel ANZ the show runners are looking for 40 contestants to compete over 5 days to win a spot in ‘The Next Gamer house’. Of the initial group, only 10 will progress to the house in Sydney where over the course of a week challenges (including physical) will select the final five as the Next Gamer team.

Focused on League of Legends this reality show is like if about building a professional eSports team with the final team to face off an Oceanic Pro League (The Dire Wolves) team and the single gamer from that match who shows the most promise netting a 10k AUD prize + a six month professional league team contract.

We are also expecting the show to be distributed online with Twitch and YouTube channels only just being made available for you to subscribe to. You also probably won’t be waiting long with the online portion to be held mid-august and the remainder during the end of august/early September (based on the application form availability requirements).

You can head to the official site to read it all about it for yourself and even apply if you feel you are up to it. We will be looking closely at this over the next month and definitely try and bring you more as we can.