How to watch new Season 3 episodes of Rick & Morty legally in Australia


That’s right my Glip Glops! Rick and Morty Season 3 has officially started in the US but without a local screening date (trust us we have been looking) how are you going to see the latest episodes legally here in Australia?

Fortunately for you the Rick & Morty YouTube channel is coming to the party with all the Szechuan you can handle by breaking down the first new episode airing just now into bite sized chunked that we can watch without being blocked.

You can watch the full episode below!

UPDATE – Netflix Australia has added S03E01 to their Rick & Morty listing and we are just confirming the information we received that they will be adding new episodes to this one week after the US air dates.

UPDATE 2 – Netflix Australia has confirmed via Twitter that new episodes will be added every Saturday


Part 1 - 4

UPDATE 3 – Looks like all the episodes have been removed by the Rick and Morty YouTube channel at the same time as confirmation of being uploaded to Netflix came through

After Credits

Next Episode Promo

Hopefully we can look forward to all the episodes this season being made available this quickly legally for us here. While we expect the full season will be up on Netflix we don’t think we could wait that long.

And that’s the waaaaaaay the news goes!