New PS4 TV & Video Interface kicks in from today


More than likely slipped in with the 4.71 PS4 update and live today, PlayStation owners who use their consoles as their video streaming platform are in for a change.

While at a high level only a UI change and no new functionality the new interface takes more of a Netflix preview type of interface to show you what is available across different streaming services (as well as movies to purchase on the PlayStation Store). If you have that service or title suggested the interface will let you jump straight into that show or movie, and if not in the case of PlayStation Store titles – will take you to purchase.

While the previous version of the interface was built into the menu system so you could navigate to TV/Video and then straight to your Netflix app the new interface feels more like a sub app you have to go into. We found this to add an extra step when you want to jump into Netflix as it does not appear on the suggested carousel (while Stan and Foxtel do). We were unable to find a quick way to jump straight to Netflix (or YouTube), even trying the voice commands.

This does not mean this interface is bad, this is great for Stan or Foxtel subscribers or those who rent the latest release titles direct from the PlayStation store with the suggested interface being a quicker way to get to watch titles. And we do expect that this will improve and evolve over time.

The interface which is not available worldwide but Australia is one of the first countries to receive it is live now along with several EU countries including the United Kingdom.

But what do you think? Do you like this? Is it going to add too many seconds to starting to watch the Defenders when it starts in August? Are you Team Stan/Foxtel for your GOT? Tell us in the comments down below!

The new updated PS4 TV & Video interface is available now on PlayStation 4 devices with the latest firmware.