WipEout Soundtrack Released with Deadmau5, the Prodigy & Chemical Brothers


Music in games is an important thing, with it setting the tone for the game or atmosphere in the moment. Much like coming across a cache of health and ammo it can tell you that something big is just around the corner.

Music in games has evolved just as much as the graphics themselves. Where once you would have to turn the in-game music all the way down to crank your own stereo for some appropriate music you can now get limited edition releases with the score on vinyl. Games like Watchdogs following the path set by GTA with licensed music to choose your favourite tracks to play along with.

Now, Sony’s next instalment in the WipEout franchise, which has always enjoyed using a level of up and coming artists, is joining these ranks by including tracks from the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Deadmau5 and the Prodigy and even released the full tracklist as a Spotify playlist:

While we like the look of this track list and we think that music is an absolute necessity in gaming but with games following in the vein of movie releases, are game soundtracks as separate releases going to happen more often?

But what do you think of the evolution of game soundtracks? Is this not going far enough for you? How do you like your music when you play? We would love to hear from you, tell us in the comments below!

WipEout Omega Collection is released on 7th June 2017 for PS4