Nintendo unveils details for Breath of the Wild’s first DLC


Played through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild since it debuted on Nintendo Switch and Wii U on the 3rd of March and wanted more?

Source: Nintendo Australia

Well, on May 2nd, Nintendo has released new details on the future downloadable content available only as part of Breath of the Wild’s $30 AUD/$33 NZD Season Pass, will provide even more content for the already content-rich landmark Zelda title. The first pack of DLC, The Master Trials.

The expansion comes with many new features to give experienced players new reasons to dive back into Hyrule, including:

  • Hard Mode difficulty setting, as well as other added features to make navigation and Korok hunting easier, such as the Traveller’s Medallion to add new Travel Points for Link and the Korok Mask to sense when a Korok is nearby.
  • Added Hero’s Path Mode also shows where Link has walked in your playthrough, to indicate where Link has travelled, where the player has yet to explore, and which Shrines have not been visited yet.
  • The Master Trials pack will be the Trial of the Sword, a 45-room combat dungeon where Link starts off with no equipment and must defeat enemies in order to progress. Conquering the Trial of the Sword will result in the Master Sword being fully awakened, permanently in its glowing powered-up state in gameplay.
  • New equipment will also be available to the player in The Master Trials pack, modelled after fan-favourite (or not-so-favourite) characters from previous games in The Legend of Zelda series, such as Tingle, Midna and Majora’s Mask.
  • In addition to the paid content, Nintendo have just release a free update for all Breath of the Wild owners enabling new language settings, allowing players to change the language of the voice acting without changing the language of the on-screen text, thus allowing anyone dissatisfied with the addition of English voice acting to a series previously lacking it to change the spoken language to Japanese.
Source: Nintendo Australia

The Master Trials is only the first part of the two planned DLC releases as part of Breath of the Wild’s Season Pass, Nintendo of Australia has indicated it will release in winter 2017 (around June-August) with the planned second piece of DLC in Summer (around December-January 2018).