Movie Review – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


There was a time before we had Groot in our lives.

Sure we had Tony Stark as the broken billionaire genius philanthropist putting himself back together and Captain America as the man out of time but since the words ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy will return’ at the end of Vol. 1 we have been longing for James Gunn to whisper those 3 little words we wanted to hear – “I am Groot”.

Vol. 2 is everything you wanted, picking up with our five favourite space mercenaries as they do something good, something bad and a little of both. If you are the type who avoids trailers because you are worried it will spoil the movie, don’t worry. While the trailers have been feeding the hype train, we were impressed that anything you thought might have spoiled the story is right up there at the beginning of the movie.

Even the music in the trailers vs the actual movie did not spoil. While the same songs are included, the pacing and how they drive the mood is completely different from the trailers. The first movie’s love and use of music by injecting it into the narrative, not as just a soundtrack but as part of the story set it apart and if anything the sequel does it just that little bit better. But if you are someone who bought the Vol. 1 album maybe wait until you see the movie before you pick up Vol. 2.

Storywise there is a lot that happens in this movie. And honestly, with so many competing storylines, there was a small concern that this is Iron Man 2 all over again. While there are tie-in points to the greater MCU, GoTG Vol. 2 is its own story which delivers all the Baby Groot your heart can stand. We can’t begin to try to explain it in a simple review, but we can tell you this is definitely a movie you need to see.

One last thing we want to go on record about GoTG Vol. 2 is, without spoilers, that it contains possibly the greatest Stan Lee cameo of any Marvel film ever, and almost confirming one of the best Stan Lee MCU theories.

In short Guardians of the Galaxy is the result of Marvel giving a comic book fan who truly loves the material license to make the best Flarkin` Marvel movie you can do. Only we don’t mean Flarkin`.

Oh. And yes, you do need to stay right until the end of the credits.