Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with Kissriot


Our creator spotlight this week is local comic creator Phoebe Ayscough of Kissriot who has created books such as The World in the Morning.

Phoebe is the recipient of the Banksia Project award sponsored by Supanova and is also appearing at Gold Coast Supanova this week

What are you reading right now? Bryan Lee O’Malley and Leslie Hung’s Snotgirl is the only western monthly comic I’ve been keeping up with consistently. But my favourite ongoing comic at the moment, probably Love Glutton by Takako Shimura, who is my comics hero forever. My favourite webcomic is Travelogue by Aatmaja Pandya. I’ve been reading a lot of R.K Narayan and Zadie Smith also.

Who or what is a The World in the Morning? Why is it important? The World in the Morning is my weekly webcomic, which I’m slowly collecting into book form as I finish each chapter. Specifically it’s a slice-of-life comic about a guy trying to get his life back together after a failed suicide attempt; broadly it’s about friendship and loss and coming to terms with yourself and your life. The title is shamelessly yanked from The World in the Evening by Christopher Isherwood, which has a very different plot but similar themes.

What readers seem to appreciate most often is the sense of place in TWITM; the comic is pretty Brisbane-centric. I also wanted to look at the realities of life with depression in a way that wasn’t sensationalistic or brain-numbingly gritty; I’ve tried to imbue the comic with this kind of josei-esque gentle pragmatism, which might be refreshing in a slice-of-life webcomic, I don’t know.


Apart from your book what should everyone be looking out for in local Australian published comics? Please look out for the other Banksia recipients, Hien Pham, Regina Akora, Claire Murray, Clancy Coe, Jess Cate and Jana Hoffman – they’re all super talented people making beautiful and important work!

Major prediction for comics 12 months from now? Hopefully less nazis, but who can say. Also I think Hannah Blumenreich’s Spider-Man will take over the world.

Best last thing you ate? My mum’s baklava.

And that is 5! Make sure if you are heading to Supanova Gold Coast this weekend to pickup Phoebe’s book. You can find her in Artist Alley.