What’s On: Apr 19 – Apr 23


I hope you found some time to recover from your long weekend because there is more stuff on this weekend. And while there is a lot of reasons to stay indoors there are even more to not. Are you ready? Ok, let’s do this thing!


Starting in Adelaide if you are a master of Beer Pong you may want to try the Ultimate Beer Pong Tournament as it hit’s heat 4 at the Ambassadors Hotel before the final next week at the Old Exchange. Pre-registration is a must but this is the last chance you will get to have your Daniel La Russo moment… but with Beer Pong (please don’t kick anyone)

For one night only Wednesday night as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, you can turn things up to eleven (no, not in a Stranger Things kind of way) and watch ‘This is Spinal Tap‘. This is a ticketed event but it’s playing at ACMI blow-up cinema at Federation Square in Melbourne.

As part of the Gold Coast Film Festival, if you too can’t turn left you can watch Zoolander on a boat. Wyndham Cruises leaving from Surfer’s Paradise will be screening the flick as part of their Zoolander Model Boat Party they casually cruise through the Gold Coast canals.

If you just want to stay in with the Lord of Hell then you can start watching Lucifer Season 2 as it starts on Foxtel.


Happy High Five Day! Make sure you don’t leave anyone hanging.

George St Sydney Event Cinemas continues their run of excellent movie selections with a once night screening of Akira. If you have never seen Akira then we don’t know what you have been doing with your life.

If you believe you know where the last Infinity Stone is then in Melbourne you may want to dominate the Marvel Movie Trivia night at The Alchemist’s Refuge. Entry is free with a nice bar tab prize on offer.

If tabletop is more your forte and you have already learnt the ways of the Star Wars Destiny, Infinity Games in Adelaide are hosting a small tournament Thursday night. Entry is only $10 and prizes are up for grabs but you really only want to go to crush the rebellion before it starts right?


Kicking off Friday and running through to Sunday Supanova is on the Gold Coast. The first Supanova of this year has all the stuff you have come to expect but this season will also have a higher focus on gaming and e-Sports. You can still grab tickets now for one or all the days.

Also on Friday on the Gold Coast and following on from last week’s Zombie FX Workshop the Night Quarter is hosting a Zombie Walk through the night markets with an afterlife afterparty at the end. If you are in the mood for artisanal brains you probably will be able to pick some up.

If you are on the Gold Coast and need to unwind before a hard weekend of Cosplay Event Cinemas Pacific Fair are starting their monthly Niche 230 with possibly the greatest Christmas movie ever, Die Hard.

Otherwise, still with the Gold Coast movies as part of the Film Festival you can watch The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One with a Q&A screening also on Friday but if you can’t make that then there is also a Sunday session as well (with sessions in Melbourne and Sydney next week)

If you are more into Game of Thrones & Blacksmithing then Zombies and can get to Lithgow for the weekend the 2017 Ironfest is on from Friday (preview night) until Sunday. With over 16,000 attendees last year with everything from Metalwork to Steampunk this might be your thing.

If you fancy some comics on a Friday night Greenlight Comics in Adelaide are hosting the launch of issue #4 of Retro Sci-Fi Tales with local creators on hand

Over in Perth let’s go crazy, let’s get nuts with the cult classic Purple Rain put on by the Luna Cinemas as an outdoor Cinema in Leederville. Batdance not included.

But if you need to stay in on your Friday night because you have a big weekend you can Science it up with Bill Nye as Netflix starts his 13 part talk show/series Bill Nye Saves the World. So no pressure to deliver.


Saturday night in Brisbane Faith Nightclub is having a Welcome to the Hellmouth night for celebrating all things Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If you are a fan of dancing, drinking and Buffy, this event was probably catered with you specifically in mind.

A little further south on the Gold Coast, and also as part of the Gold Coast Film Festival, the Burleigh Brewing Co is screening Pulp Fiction. A free entry with beers & little Havana food truck to go with the temporary big screen but expect this to be an 18+ event.

If you are in Adelaide you can get to the Adelaide Comic & Toy Fair if you need to solve that problem of having too much cash and too little LEGO, Pops, Comics and more. Entry is only $2 so even if you just want to go and check out some local comics it’s worth your time.

In too many places to name (such as the Magic Vault or Vault Games in Brisbane or most Good Game stores or… there’s a lot of places!), if Magic the Gathering is your poison your local game store is probably having an Amonkhet Pre-Release event across the weekend. Dates and times vary, but if you love MTG then you probably already know where you will be.

Lastly while Supanova and Ironfest kick on to Day 2, Saturday is Earth Day as the annual day about all things earth sciences. This year Earth Day is also the planned day for the worldwide March for Science marches, so if Bill Nye didn’t save the world on Friday you can always do it on Saturday.


If you aren’t too worn out from all the awesome stuff happening then the Netherworld in Brisbane is again hosting Two-Bit Cinema Club with Spawn and the Dolph Lungren Punisher movie back to back. If you haven’t seen either, at least one of them includes fighting ninjas.

If you are near All Star Comics in Melbourne you might be interested in their Women’s Comic Book Club meet up on Sunday. With discussion on Zines and comic trading might be a good place to flush out your collection (or find some stuff you want to donate as part of the Future Fan Project)

Back to Perth and the Luna Cinemas again with a screening of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as a strictly 18+ immersive experience. Want to know what that means? You probably should go check it out. Note – This is now a sold out session but due to selling out so fast an extra session has been put on for Monday


Special mention – Because Tuesday is Anzac Day Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is hitting cinemas early (before the US!). Officially it starts on Tuesday but around the country cinemas are having early and midnight sessions on Monday so check out your favourite local cinema for sessions.