The Best Worst B-Grade Movies are Coming to Brisbane.. with a dash of Mystery Science Theatre 3000


Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is a where most people learnt to love bad movies. A classic series from the 80’s, set in space the main character Joel is captured by evil scientists to watch B-movies to torment him.

Instead Joel (later replaced by Mike) and 2 robot companions watch them together – adding in their own funny quips, jokes and banter throughout the scenes. Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (or MST3K) is such a well loved classic that it is even getting another run on Netflix where you can watch it from the 14th of April.

You might have done this with your own friends, adding funny quips to almost unwatchable bad B-grade movies. If you have this sort of secret love for B-Grade movies but dare not speak it’s name then Comedy Commentary Cinema is bringing together the lovers of B-Grade movies for the same experience, but live.

Kicking off their first event this Wednesday in Brisbane at the Milk Factory, Comedy Commentary might tell you the worst the movie the better the experience and for their first time out of the gate they are bringing their A-Game to B-Movies with arguably the best B-Movie of all time – The Andy Sidaris classic, ‘Hard Ticket to Hawaii’.

And just like MST3K commentary was provided on great movies. Guest comedians Michelle Azevedo & Ryan Sim will be providing the commentary & play by play of all the best worst parts so you don’t miss a single skateboard assassin as you go down the rabbit hole of bad cinema.

Tickets are still available with details via Comedy Commentary Cinema’s Facebook Page but if you want to win some free tickets to get your bad cinema on, you can enter below to score a double pass to this weeks session.

The competition closes Wednesday midday with winners notified by email but don’t let that stop you from making sure you get in on the very limited session.

Comedy Commentary Cinema – Hard Ticket To Hawaii