Tomorrow is 7-11’s BYO Cup Day!


It is a day you have long waited for, training hard by drinking overly sugary drinks out of odd containers all year. Now all your hard work is going to pay off as 7-11 BYO Cup Day is tomorrow.

The expected weather around the country tomorrow is cooler than it has been but still expected to be hot and sticky for most, Slurpee’s seem like a good idea. And as 7-11 BYO Cup Days are few and far between, for those rookies out there we have put together a couple of tips to make the most out of your Slurpee Day.

Step 1- Know Thy Slurpee

For those who don’t know what a Slurpee is and are also probably surprised by concepts like cars and the internet after coming out of their caves, let’s explain.

The Slurpee is a frozen flavoured drink available at 7-11. If you have never had a Slurpee but have had a Frozen Coke then it’s like that, but in more flavours. Every year (sometimes more than once a year) 7-11 have a BYO cup day that allows you to bring your own container and fill it for only $1.

Step 2 – Choose a Vessel

BYO Cup Day allows you to pick any drinking container you want. From fish bowl to pirate hat – if it can hold liquid it can be a cup.

BYO Cup Guidelines state containers can be 230mm (width) x 260mm (height) as the height to be able to fit under the tap. So anything up to that you can fill for just $1, go over it and you might be forking out a little bit (or a lot) more depending on your container.

So choose, but choose wisely.

Step 3 – Location Location Location

Knowing is half the battle and in this case knowing where to pickup a Slurpee is what you need to know. Your local 7-11 might be the most convenient, but if you are in a busy area you may need to hit it up early else it might be bone dry by the time you get there. If you dont know where your nearest 7-11 is try Google Maps or the 7-11 Store Locator.

Step 4 – Have a Plan B

BYO Cup Day is probably the most hard working day for Slurpee machines across Australia so it’s not that unlikely there may be a few blowouts. If your chosen 7-11 has a Slurpee malfunction it’s a good idea to know where a secondary 7-11 is.

Step 5 – Moderation

BYO Cup Days might be few and far between but we want you to be around for the next one. Don’t write cheques your body can’t cash, Hotshot. Take a wingman, enjoy the fun and live to Slurpee another day.

Extra Bonus Step – Win Cash

This year for something different you can cosplay as your BYO Cup and win some sweet sweet prizes from 7-11 including potentially $500 in Visa Cash. All you need to do is when you dress up with your cup (or as your cup if you prefer) and hashtag a snap with #BYOCUPDAY on Instagram to be in the running.

That’s it. You have now completed your Slurpee Basic Training. Go forth and Slurpee.