New Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Trailer and a new AU Release Date


Oh yes we have two pieces of GoTG2 news for all you Groot lovers out there who really want to get their dance on. First off the possibly last trailer we will get before the movie releases in April.

But that isn’t all. This is not a drill. We are getting Guardians of the Galaxy sooner than previously advised, but only by a few days.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was originally to be released on the 27th of April which is the same month as we saw release date changes for the likes of John Wick, due to screen availability. Now we are getting GoTG2 two days earlier on Tuesday the 25th of April. That’s nearly two weeks before US release which is still the 5th of May.

25th of April sound familiar? It’s Anzac Day.

We have confirmed this date with the distributor directly so there are no errors here and it’s not likely to change again. This means those of you with our 2017 Pop Culture Guide for Smartpups it’s time to break out the Sharpie, but if you have our digital guide its already been updated for you.